Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Remembering Jewish Soldiers

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Moshe Rabaynu, Moses our Teacher, formed an army by G-d’s command and fought the wars of Hashem.

Yehoshua bin Nun, Joshua the prophet, formed an army of the tribes of Israel and conquered the Land of Israel, by G-d’s command.

Shaul HaMelech, King Saul, fought the wars of G-d against the enemies of the Jewish people and invaders of the Land of Israel.

Dovid HeMelech, King David, conquered the enemies of the Jewish people.

The Jewish people learned Torah, did mitzvot, and also fought the wars of G-d and the Jews.

And then Israel was conquered, and conquered again, and again.  And the Jewish people became the other living in foreign lands…still learning Torah and clinging to Hashem.  And the warriors were gone, and the Jews learned to sacrifice themselves Al Kiddush Hashem, to be martyred for G-d and his Torah…for being Jews.

For 1,800 years the Jews lived and died sacrificing themselves, dying to hold themselves as Jews generation after generation.  They learned to sacrifice themselves if necessary, even setting it as a great level to die “Al Kiddush Hashem”.

Until they were taken and slaughtered by the millions.  Some of the remnants returned to Israel, picked up the sword and arose as Jewish warriors once again.  And they fought, and reclaimed the Land of Israel once again.  And some gave their lives in battle to protect the Jewish people and defend the Land of Israel.

We can debate whether it’s appropriate to hold Israel before the time of Moshiach.  We can argue over whether the army of Israel is an appropriate environment for religious Jews.

But for the over 23,000 who died saving the lives of the millions of those Jews living in Israel, the ultimate mitzvah, we are obligated to remember them.  To do any less is to turn our backs on Jewish history…and on the Torah.

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  1. Kol haKavod Reb Akiva. That was spot on! Vintage Mystical Paths. Hope you are well and the family fine.


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