Tuesday, April 04, 2017

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Pesach Teachings

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Two life-changing Pesach teachings:

     First; the entire story of going down into Egypt, becoming enslaved there, and coming out to freedom is an ongoing story. Yes, it is historically true…it did happen. But the most important thing about this story is not that it happened way back then, but that it is happening to us right now. This story is really talking about us in the world today.

     When we go out into the world to make a living to feed our families, if we go out only for the money…, if the money is the goal, then we will become enslaved by our work. We will never have enough. We will always be working harder and harder trying to get more and more, working for things that we do not need nor even really want. Indeed, it is a bitter, never ending slavery.

     But then, instead of thinking that the money is our salvation, if we look toward Hashem and follow His instructions… even going out into a wilderness where there does not seem to be any food or water we will find our livelihood laying on the ground before us… and all we have to do is to pick it up. But be careful, if you take more than you need it will rot!

     And the second life-changing Pesach teaching; if you take simple flour and water and bake it you will get flat matzahs. They all look alike. Indeed a humble food. But if you add yeast that makes gas, then that same simple flour and water will rise up and become puffy, even proud of how it has been shaped into something big. So it is with life. All of us are really just simply flour and water. Our bodies come from dust and will return to dust. But, when we puff ourselves up with gas we seem to be something more than we really are.

     To come out of Egyptian slavery, our self-imposed slavery to our material desires we have to get rid of that yeast, the gas, the huge egos. We have to become servants of the Holy One. Then, if we succeed in this we will be able to return to those same jobs earning those same dollars but working to do mitzvahs, to serve Hashem, and then we will not become enslaved by material desires.

    Have a happy Pesach




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