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Jordanian Soldier Terrorist Murderer of Seven 14 year old School Girls during a Peace Tour

Every day when my daughter enters her school in Israel, she passes a memorial at the entrance to seven 13 & 14 year old girls from her school who were SLAUGHTERED during a visit to a “Peace Island” by a Jordanian soldier 20 years ago.  This week the murderer was released from Jordanian prison…

Jordan announced over the weekend that soldier (who’s name should be blotted out) who murdered seven Israeli YOUNG TEENAGE school girls visiting a peace along the Naharayim border with Israel in 1997 was released.   Ironically, the location where the attack occurred is known as Peace Island. While Israeli school children were visiting the area, shots rang out from the Jordanian side as a Jordanian soldier decided to murder the visiting girls, resulting in the slaughter of seven of the 13-14 year old girls, plus the wounding of 7 more and a teacher.

At the time, King Hussein of Jordan promised Israel the soldier would spend the rest of his life in jail and he flew to Israel to personally extend his condolences. The soldier was spared the death penalty under grounds of mental incompetence. His sentence was originally 25 years imprisonment.

My daughter says: Just last week was the memorial of the slaughter of the seven 14 year old girls.  He gets to go free, return to his family and even be celebrated as a hero while 7 families lost their 14 year old daughters.  And as you see from the picture, doesn’t look like prison was particularly bad for him.

If you want to understand why peace in the Middle East is a problem, this is a perfect example.  THEY ARE CELEBRATING THE KILLER OF SEVEN 13 & 14 YEAR OLD SCHOOL GIRLS! 

(Jordanian Terrorist Murderer of CHILDREN) was given a rousing welcome in his home village in northern Jordan after being freed on Sunday. He expressed no remorse for the killings.  Terrorist Murderer was greeted by chanting supporters who kissed him on the cheek and raised a photo of him with the caption, "Welcome to the hero Terrorist Murderer."  The soldier opened fire on a group of Israeli students at the scenic "Island of Peace" border post in March 1997, killing seven and wounding seven, including a teacher.  "The release of this hero has cheered us. Israel has committed crimes against many Jordanians that were never accounted for," said Saleh Armouti, a leading Jordanian parliamentarian who proudly supports the slaughter of CHILDREN.


  1. Disgusting; makes your blood boil!
    All this is Netanyahu's fault, I am now coming to believe. If from the beginning, he spoke up for our sovereignty, and continued speaking up and convincing ALL THE BIG INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL LEADERS, and resisted vehemently OBUMMER, and on and on I could go. I'm classifying him along with Obummer. SHmotrich is darn right to castigate the PM. He and Hazan are the only ones with guts to say the truth!

  2. Is anyone really surprised by this? In the final analysis.... There are no military solutions. There are no political solutions. There are no religious solutions. There never have been. There never will be. There are only personal choices. Today, I choose not to murder. Today, I choose not to hate. Today, I choose not to steal. Today, I choose life over death; I choose love over anger; I choose charity over greed. That is our true struggle - the struggle within - the struggle to tame our Evil Inclination (Freudian "Id") and turn it into a servant of our Good Impulse (Freudian "Super-Ego").

    "Except HaShem build the house, they labour in vain that build it; except HaShem keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain" (Psalm 127:1).


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