Thursday, March 30, 2017

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Ben writes again:

     More on cleaving to Hashem;

     From time to time I get a sensation of seeing sparks. In davening/learning especially there are times when I see a large spark-like gem.  And once in a while the experience is so real I jump back in my seat and people ask me if I'm ok. What do I tell them? Can the Rav verify this kind of thing?  It gives me great chizuk. [Encouragement]

     As for cleaving, one should thus be cognizant of Hashem's existence at

all times?  As in "I am the L-rd your G-d…"?


Gutman's response:

     Such visual experiences should not give you anything. They can be caused by strain and should be ignored. If they continue it would be worth it to have an eye examination.

     You should be aware of Hashem, but your consciousness has to be on where you are stepping, what your hands are doing, what words you are reading, and so on. But many times throughout the day we stop either to very briefly say, Thank G-d, or we look for His Presence, to think about Him, and so on. Talking about G-d takes less focus than talking to G-d.


Ben responds:

     I'm telling you...  These are real experiences. Certain ones are undeniable and often happen at key times. Moses even tells b'nei Yisrael "don't forget what your eyes have seen".


Gutman replies:

     I did not say that they were imagination. I said that they can come from strain or there could be a problem with your eyes and you should have them checked by an eye doctor and tell him what you are seeing.

     What I did tell you was that they are certainly not a sign of spiritual attainment, and they may have even held you back as you somehow see these "lights" to be a sign of spiritual success. We do not seek lights and unusual visual experiences. We seek Hashem's revealed Presence which has nothing to do with such mental images. Learn Torah and do mitzvahs with joy, and look for Hashem in your daily life.



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