Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Right and Kind

   by Reb Gutman Locks   
      Right and Kind


     Among the people we pray for in our daily prayers are the Tzadikim (the righteous) and the Chasidim (the pious). The righteous are defined as the Jews who do what is correct and just in the eyes of Hashem, and the pious are defined as the Jews who fulfill their duties toward G-d and man beyond the line of the law.

     But doesn't the tzadik sometimes do more than the commandments require, and doesn't the chassid do what is correct? So what is the main distinction between these two holy people?

     The tzadik stresses what is right. The root of tzadik means right, just, and this is the life that that the tzadik lives.

     "Chasid" derives from chesed which means kindness. The chasid enjoys serving Hashem so it is only natural for him to do even more than is required. It is this kindness that leads the Chasid to live life as an outward expression of love for G-d and other people.

     And my suggestion: see the kindness in the righteousness and the righteousness in the kindness. Get the best of both worlds. 



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