Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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A Good Guy

   by Reb Gutman Locks
      A Good Guy


     He is from Shri Lanka. He is not Jewish so I was really surprised with his questions. He asked, "Is a woman allowed to put on tallis (prayer shawl) and tefillin?"

     How many goyim have you met who know the word tallis? Or are interested in the law regarding tefillin and women?

     I explained, "They are not forbidden, but they should not do it. A woman should fulfill a woman's role and a man should fulfill a man's role. For 4000 years tallis and tefillin have been only a man's mitzvah and not a woman's so they should certainly not be trying to change this. The Torah tells us that a woman should dress like a woman and a man should dress like a man."

     He said that he had seen a video and had wondered. Then he asked about putting on tefillin and I could see that he had been using them!

     "How do you know about tallis and tefillin?" I asked, expecting a problem coming.

      He said, "I put them on every day…"

     "Oh, no!" I thought. We have a problem here. And just before I started to jump on the guy, he finished his sentence.

     "I am a caretaker and I had an old Jewish man as a patient. He was crippled completely and could only move his eyes. I would put tallis and tefillin on him every day."

     "What a wonderful thing you did. Not only was it kind, but you helped a Jew who couldn't do the mitzvah to wear tefillin. He must have loved you."

     He beamed… and justifiably so. I briefly told him the 7 Mitzvahs of Noah and explained that he should follow them and have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the World to Come.

     He walked away happy with himself and for a good reason. I had never heard of such a thing before. I wonder what kind of special reward he is going to get in Heaven. I wouldn't bet on it, but maybe he will come back as a Jew!

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