Thursday, March 02, 2017


​A Captured Child

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     A small group of x-ians came into the Kotel area. By the way they acted I assume they were evangelicals. With a big smile, the pastor proudly told me that the young man holding a tiny baby was his son, and that the baby's mother was Jewish. "She was Jewish, but she became an x-ian and married my son."

     "If the mother is really a Jew then the baby is a Jew," I told him.

     "That's right, and you know what his name is? Yehuda!"

      I looked at the tiny boy's face and my heart hurt for him. He is a Jew who is going to be raised as an evangelical x-ian firmly believing in their foolishness.

     It is almost always the same when you talk to these "believers." I try to help them, at least to give them something to think about, but the chances of them listening are almost zero.

     "Where is G-d?" I asked.

      The pastor smiled and put his hand on his chest and answered, "In my heart."

     "Isn't he in your feet, too?" I asked.

      He didn't know how to answer. Instead, he blurted out a line from the Bible that they believe says that they are right.

     "What I want to know is who is Isaiah talking about in Chapter 53? Who is the suffering servant?"

     "You guys do this all the time! You don't want to know what the Bible says. You just try to see your bible in the Torah."

     "There is only one bible," he insisted.

     "No, there are at least two Bibles, the original Bible and the ones you've changed."

      The father with the baby walked away.

     "Who is the Suffering Servant," he tried again.

     "Isaiah names that servant at least five times, but you do not want to hear that. You want to believe that he is talking about yushka who has nothing to do with what he was saying. Isaiah clearly says 'My servant Jacob', 'My servant Israel'. Why do you ignore what he said and try to force your false beliefs into the Torah?"

     I told him, "G-d is Infinite. This means that He is everywhere. Only worship the G-d Who is everywhere.

     "Yushka is everywhere," He blurted out.

     "Oh yeah? When they buried yushka and went to his grave on the 4th day was he in the grave?"

     "No, he was arisen! He was taken up to Heaven… resurrected!" he said with great pride.

     "Well, if he is not in the grave, then he is not everywhere. Don't worship him. Worship the Father, the King."

     The young man with the baby came back. I looked at his stern face and feeling what kind of life that tiny Jewish boy was going to live… my heart hurt for him. I told the father, "When you talk to the boy smile more."

     The preacher jumped back in, but I interrupted him and said, "Look, I know your religion, I've been there. I did all the things that you think are so wondrous, even 'slaying people in the spirit' by touching them and they would collapse… see my YouTube videos on it. They are on many channels and have gotten over 4 million views! Answers to a Pastor    Isaiah 53 Who is the Suffering Servant? 

      I tired one more time, "Only worship the G-d who is everywhere."

     "yushka is everywhere," he insisted again.

     "He is not in my heart, thank G-d."

      They become "believers" by inviting "god" into their hearts so there is no way he could deny what I was saying.

     The young father came up to me angrily and said, "Oh yeah, well then why did god answer my prayers just now if yashka is not the truth? I just prayed for god to give me a message, tell me what I needed to hear and I came up to you and you told me to smile more when I talk to my son. I tend to be too strict and harsh so what you said was just what I needed to hear. god answered my prayer."

      "If G-d had me speak to you about being nice to the baby and you believed me, why don't you believe me when I tell you to worship only the Father, the G-d Who is everywhere? G-d told me to tell you that, too!"

     He immediately turned and walked away totally upset with me.

     This happens time and time again. Whenever you tell the truth to an x-ian they say, "I gotta go," and they walk away.

     Hashem, help baby Yehuda to find his way home. Having that name is a G-d-send. Surely, he will learn that he is a Jew. Please G-d he will also find out what it means to be a Jew.



  1. Very powerful story! And although I may be biased as a Jew, this was a brilliant display by the Rabbi in refuting the pastor and his son about their beliefs in Yushka! In this case Reb Gutman, I don't think your efforts were for naught. I believe the boy will be told by his father that he is a Jew due to you and that last exchange.

  2. Excuse me but I don't understand, if he would be in the grave on the 4th day then he would be only in the grave and not everywhere. What did I get wrong?

  3. Anon 2, if he is not in the grave he is not everywhere. Hashem is everywhere. In Heaven and in Hell. Their story says that he was not in the grave after the 3rd day so according to that book, he is not everywhere.

  4. I am an ex-xtian... a noahide now... and i love when you asked the people, "is he in hell" and the x-tians always will say, NO! But your line is that He is EVERYWHERE, don't serve this god that is not everywhere... That is the best of the best... We have told our ex-xtian friends this, and they are so shocked to hear it, they don't have a come back.

    Rabbi, thank you for bringing Truth to a very avodah zarah world. The Kotel is such a pivotal point to be tearing down these idol gods... Thank you... May HaShem's Great Name be lifted up and He will see we want Him back in our world of lies, with the True Truth, no matter what idol that is torn down. amen amen!!

  5. MAY THE MOTHER ALSO BE FREED FROM CAPTIVITY. They are like Cantonists during the reign of the Czar.


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