Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Welcome Home

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   
     Welcome Home


Melanie wrote:

     Gutman, I wanted to thank you. When I was a little girl we would go to our neighbor's house for Shabbos. They were Orthodox Jews from Poland that made it out before the Holocaust. The elderly woman took me like her Grandchild. I would light the candles and say the prayers with her. We would have a wonderful dinner and it was very special.

     Then my parents got divorced and everything stopped. No religion. Nothing. As I got older I got into a christian cult. I didn't know. Around this time I went to visit my Father who was about to die of Cancer. He grabbed my hand and said, Melanie we are Jews. I was stunned but suddenly it all came back to me. When I got home from London I saw your video.[i] I ran out of my bedroom and my daughter was running to meet me. She was watching the same video at the same time. Neither of us knew. Everything made sense. I left the cult instantly and met with a Rabbi. Well it was like coming home.

     Thank you for speaking such wisdom and inspiriting me to seek Torah. You truly did a wonderful mitzvah in making the video and helping me find my way home. 


Gutman's reply:

     Welcome Home. See if there is a little Jewish girl in the neighborhood who can come light Shabbos candles with you and your daughter. Your adopted grandmother from Poland would love that.

Melanie's reply:

     What a wonderful idea!!!! Yes I will 

[i] Answers to a Pastor Answers to a Pastor 

1 comment:

  1. אתה פשוט איש מקסים! ב"ה שאתה קיים! תודה שאתה משתף אותנו בחוויותיך ומלמד אותנו להושיט יד לכל יהודי.
    תהי-ה בריא ותמשיך לעשות חיל!
    יהי רצון שנוכל כולנו לקבל במהרה את פני המשיח ולעבוד את ה' בבית המקדש!


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