Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Travels and Parnossa (income)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageGary commented, “Stay home and write your blog, we need you alive and well.” 

There are those few who have been able to turn these new mediums into income streams.  This blog may have touched some hearts and spread some holiness, and thank G-d has raised a decent bit over the years for charity, but it’s done little for our wallets (not to ignore those generous donors who have surprised us and absolutely made our days on those occasions – and that one special fellow who has subscribed for a monthly donations).  [If you’d like to support the blog, you can do so here.]

So not being a media star, or a successful preacher who draws crowds of donors (not our goal), I’m forced to look elsewhere for parnossa (income). 

There are some who absolutely believe and trust that mana falls from heaven still, and one must merely fully trust in Hashem (G-d) for sustenance and it will come.  And I have met a few such holy individuals among the religious Jewish community who are successful in this path.  But while I am certain sustenance comes from G-d, I follow that path that believes one must prepare a vessel for blessings – for me that means a job.  And since my job as part of my duties needs me to travel away from the Holy Land briefly, with the permission and help of Heaven I will do so.

And perhaps it will be of great benefit.  I have been in Israel for almost a decade now, perhaps I have begun to take it for granted, to not appreciate the awesome blessings of being in such a place…with holy sites, with tzaddikim (the righteous), with a synagogue on every street and Torah mere steps away.  With kosher food of all types readily available (kosher sushi for lunch, yum!)  With a workplace that has a Jewish prayer quorum, and is closed on Jewish holidays but open on non-Jewish ones.  Where a long beard and a big black yamulka don’t stand out, and seeing men and women of all ages and styles sitting on a commuter train saying psalms on the way to work.

There is always plenty to kvetch (complain) about.  Perhaps it’s time again to see the contrasts and see how many blessings there are to sing about.

The Israeli wild flowers are popping up everywhere!

2017-02-17 Tel Socho 071a


  1. It could be worse! HaShem could force you to stock shelves with pork products and "holy candles" for Xtian pagans for a living, while being subjected to so-called music that smacks of everything I've grown to detest about goyishkeit!

    Any updates on R' Nati? How's he doing?



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