Thursday, February 23, 2017


The Soul You Have Given Me…

   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Someone asked "What is the difference between a Jew's soul and a gentile's soul?"

     All living beings have an "Animal Soul". This is what activates the animal. The animal does not have true freewill but acts and reacts only according to its nature.

     A gentile has an animal soul, and he or she also has an "Intelligent Soul." The animal soul animates…activates the body and the intelligent soul gives the human freewill to decide what he or she wants to do. If the gentile chooses to follow the Seven Commandments of Noah he or she will become a righteous person, a pious person among the nations. They will have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the World to Come.

     The Jew has an animal soul and an intelligent soul. The Jew has also been given an additional soul in order to accomplish the Jew's unique mission in the world. This soul is called the "G-dly Soul".

     The animal soul and intellectual souls of the gentile and of the Jew are the same. The animal drives the animal, and the intellect has the ability to direct the animal either to live an entirely animal life, or if it chooses, it can lead the person to pursue righteous goals.

     The G-dly soul the Jew has been given is what provides the Jew with his or her unique opportunity in this world. If the Jew's intellectual soul directs the animal soul the Jew will become a servant of Hashem and a Light unto the Nations, and will receive a fitting reward in the World to Come.

     Mankind either lives out his or her years in a fierce animal jungle, or in the Garden of Eden. It all depends on whether their animal soul rules over their intellectual soul, or if their intellectual soul rules over their animal soul. It is the individual's own freewill that decides.



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  2. So, are you saying a non-Jew can't have a "G-dly Soul." If so, where is this written? Are you saying non-Jews lack a desire to reconnect with HaShem? Are you saying the soul of a non-Jew isn't chelek Eloka mimaal? Are we non-Jews inherently impure? That smacks of the School of Shammai! Are you saying a non-Jew lacks Ruach, Neshamah, Chayah, and Yechidah. Did Adam, Noach, and Abraham have a "G-dly Soul"...? Is this "G-dly Soul" a post-Sinai gift from HaShem?

  3. It cannot be proven that only Jews have G-dly souls. But somehow, and mostly, a Jew has an uncanny knack of being able to detect another, however that person looks or acts. I suspect it is in Kabbalah that says only Jews have neshamas, but there are no doubt differing and varied opinions of 'the Rabbis' past and present.

  4. I guess my comment doesn't merit a response from R' Locks. Am I the only non-Jewish reader (and periodic supporter of this blog) that has a problem with Jews believing and teaching that non-Jews lack a "G-dly Soul," either because they aren't capable of having one or because HaShem only grants such a soul to Jews!?

    If the anti-Semite conspiracy nuts out there read what R' Locks has written, they'd use it to support their accusation that "Non-Jews are not human (Baba Mezia 114a-114b). Only Jews are human ("Only ye are designated men"). The Goyim are nothing more than animals."

    And were I, as a non-Jew, to counter said anti-Semites and debunk their misconceptions using Gil Student's arguments (see link below), they'd reject anything I had to say in favor of thinking that the Jews believe that the non-Jews are little more than beasts of burden, a belief that R' Locks seems to affirm!

    Gil Student's - The Real Truth about the Talmud - Gentiles Are Human

    Ask yourself, why did Rashi say that both G‑d's Name and His throne remain incomplete until Amalek will be totally eradicated?

    Does that mean that the Jews are called upon to follow in the footsteps of the Nazis and ISIS/DAESH in waging a genocidal war? Are the Jews suppose to kill all the Amalekites?

    Isn't Klal Yisrael's raison d'être to become a Holy Nation and a Kingdom of Priests in order that they might be a light to the Nations!? Isn't part of that raison d'être to propagate the Sixty-Six Mitzvot that fall under the Seven Categories of Noachide Laws?

    Isn't part of that raison d'être to help the Nations tame their inner-Amalek (i.e., the Yetzer HaRa, Evil Inclination) and train it to be a Servant of HaShem? Isn't that how the Jews are suppose to eradicate Amalek?

    "For then I will convert the peoples to a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the L-RD, to serve Him with one consent" (Tzefaniah 3:9).

    How can one do this if the Nations lack a "G-dly Soul"...? Isn't the "G-dly Soul" (nefesh ha'elokit) simply one's Yetzer HaTov (Good Impulse). Isn't the Animal Soul (Nefesh HaBehamit) simply one's Yetzer HaRa (Evil Inclination)?

    Isn't the "G-dly Soul" activated when a Jew opts to become a Son/Daughter of the Commandments? Surely, the Nations are capable of activating their Yetzer HaTov, if they so choose. Isn't the choice to fear and reverence HaShem in the hands of each individual, be they a Jew or a non-Jew?

    Seriously, I'm willing to accept instruction on this topic. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.


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