Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Thank You

​   by Reb Gutman Locks
     Thank You


     He was visiting Israel from Chile. He owns a restaurant there. When he walked into the Kotel area I tried to get him to put on tefillin but he refused.

     "I just want to go put a note in the Kotel."

     "Put on tefillin first so when you put the note in you will have the merit of having done what G-d wants you to do."

     "No, I just want to go put the note in, that's all."

     "Come, it will only take a minute. You'll have a good time."

     He gave in. I put the tefillin on him and he read the Shema in Spanish. Then I told him, "Go stand by the Kotel and before you put your note between the stones picture all the good things you want to bring into the world…and say thank you for all the good that G-d has given you…pray for all the Jews, especially the ones in danger. Take a couple of minutes and talk to G-d, then put your note between the stones of the Kotel."

     He was gone for some 5 or 10 minutes. When he returned we took some pictures and he said to me, "You made me very happy today. Thank you."

     "I didn't make you happy. The mitzvah made you happy. You did the mitzvah right and you became happy."

     "It is a wonderful gift you have…to be able to make people happy."


     You know, he's right. It is a wonderful gift to be able to go out and help another Jew to do a mitzvah. When you do it right it makes them happy and it makes you happy... and for sure, it makes G-d happy, too!



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