Sunday, February 05, 2017

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Signs and Wonders

​    by Reb Gutman Locks   


     If you are having troubles there is a good reason for it. Everything comes for a reason. Nothing just falls out of the sky. Our actions cause similar actions and they come back to us. Our job is to try to see why these particular results are coming. Then we will be able to identify which of our actions caused those troubles. This is their purpose. They do not come as punishments. They come to guide us and to lead us onto the path we really want to go.

      Do not think that this is true only for our troubles. All of the wonderful things that seem to fall into our laps for some unknown reason also come as a result of our actions, or maybe even more importantly, our inactions. It's called mida k'neged mida. It means this portion across from this portion. Whatever we do comes back to us.

      Then how is this different from the fatalistic Eastern teaching of karma? "It's your karma man!" "No way around it." "You are what you are!" The difference is, whatever we do comes back to us unless we turn and change our ways.

     Man has freewill. We can change anytime we want and then our new way will dictate what will come to us and not our old ways. It's called teshuva (repentance).

      It used to be, some years ago, to be genuine teshuva it had to be accompanied with sincere tears of regret and sorrow. Now this is not true. In fact, the opposite is true. Now, we are so close to the final redemption that the ground rules have changed. Now, genuine teshuva comes only with joy. "Thank G-d! Thank G-d I turned and am going in the right direction now. Baruch Hashem!"



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