Monday, February 20, 2017

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Not My Protest!

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageMy workplace in Israel is often visited by Americans from a related US corporation.  They have to file travel plans with their security agency, who advises them where they can and can’t go to in Israel to stay safe (no travel to Jerusalem for example) and that they must travel in an armored passenger van.

So when they asked me to visit their corporate office, I requested a security review for travel to their U.S. city.  After all, I wouldn’t want to drive into the wrong part of town and get attacked, or accidentally enter a Lives Matter protest and have my vehicle burned, be pulled out and beaten for the color of my skin.

Here’s what the report said:  (Particular Average U.S. City) – Risk of protests and social unrest on February 20, President’s Day.  Avoid government buildings and protests, which may turn dangerous.  Social unrest is occurring sporadically, avoid downtown areas with large gatherings of people.  Loss of civil control – 2 out of 5.

Israel’s safety is actually significantly higher than the U.S.  The murder and violent crime rate (including, G-d forbid, terrorism) is much lower than the USA, most streets can be walked at any hour.  And while Israel has a few “best avoided” zones, practically every U.S. city has multiple such areas.  And even minor crimes like pick pocketing and mugging are much much lower.  (Biggest risks in Israel are car accident…always wear your seat belt, and larger theft like car theft.)

But it’s all about perception.  As the NEWS and U.N. are ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with Israel, from “far away” it would appear to be…a war zone, a camel filled desert, a crazy ultra-religious giant monastery.  But similarly if I watch the U.S. from Israel, I see major civil unrest, hyper abusive police, for the past 8 years major economic meltdown, and people of every gender invading bathroom space.  I’M FRIGHTENED!

Make America Safe Again!

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  1. Stay home and write your blog, we need you alive and well.


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