Tuesday, February 07, 2017

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Life Is a Journey

​    by Reb Gutman Locks
      Life Is a Journey 

     This world is likened to an antechamber that brings us into the World to Come.[i] The Jewish soul, a veritable portion of the Holy One from the Highest, descends from the upper world down into this lower, physical world. The soul attaches itself to a body so it can use its allotted time here sowing and reaping. Then, when its time is over its hold on the body releases… the body falls and dies. The soul then returns back to the world from where it came. It stands before the Holy Judge and receives the results of its journey down into this lower world.

     For the improper things it did there will be tremendous embarrassment. The burning fires of Hell… the torment of the soul. For the good that it did it will experience the wondrous, brilliant, elevating light. Its ability to withstand this glorious light, its position or "closeness" to the Source of this light is determined by its deeds while it was here in this lower world… its time within the body.

     Then, after judgement, it will wait there until the Resurrection of the souls when it will come back to life again.

     Now, while in this lower world is the only time the soul can change a single thing. It is now that it accrues its portion, its place in Heaven. Go carefully. The only things we take with us when we go are our deeds. Not our money, not our property, just the acts we did while here. Though we are here as a mere shadow in this lower, lesser world, still, this is the most important part of the entire journey. Pack your bag wisely.

[i] Wisdom of the Fathers 3:16


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