Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Iran Fires Missiles…oh no, Trump yelled at a reporter!

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageIran fires missiles in contravention of UN Security Council resolutions…missiles large enough to take a nuclear warhead and powerful enough to reach Israel…and Turkey…and Southern Europe.


North Korea has fired so many missiles that Japan is now rearming and actually beginning discussions of building nuclear weapons in defense.


One of the reasons I’m concerned about traveling to the United States is the new security regimes where one’s rights and human dignity are suspended both at ports of entry (commonly called “the border” but if you fly in and are already in the U.S., it’s a completely pretend thing as you’re already physically in the U.S.) or even just getting in line at the airport.  So while the 9th circuit court suspended Trump’s immigration rules holding that in some cases potential immigrants overseas have rights, EVEN U.S. CITIZENS PHYSICALLY IN THE U.S. DON’T HAVE RIGHTS at a port of entry – and reduced rights in an airport security line. 

I’m rather pro G-d given rights, and don’t really appreciate government actions otherwise.

Have you noticed that the news has turned into a pure entertainment and opinion show?  Real issues that could affect lives and the world are ignored, or at best brushed over and clearly barely understood by the ‘reporters’, and the entertainment value issue of the moment rules. 

Does anyone watch the news anymore, or even browse the news websites?  When they are saying diametrically opposed stuff, how do you know who’s lying? Or who’s manipulating? (Hint, they all are.)

CNN right now – Pence pledges support for NATO, Being an Immigrant in the US today means…

FoxNews right now – Trump to hold campaign rally in Florida, Man behind ‘93 World Trade Center attack dies in prison

Are they reporting on the same country?

It’s been cold and rainy much of the past week here in the Land of Israel. It is the rainy season, so that’s a blessing, and leads to incredible sunsets like the one below.  Thank G-d, it was sunny on Shabbos if a bit chilly.  But Israel’s rains are seasonal, so it’s important that they fall.  In the times of the Holy Temple, the Cohein Gadol (the high priest) would pray that the prayers of travelers (that there be no rain during their journeys) be ignored so the Land would get the rain it needs.  The early rains were weak, so these strong late season rains are important.

2017-01-10 Sunsets 009

Shavua Tov, a good week from the Holy Land.


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