Thursday, January 12, 2017

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​    by Reb Gutman Locks   


     Tzedakah means charity, but its root comes from the word justice. We are told that the mitzvah of tzedakah hastens the Redemption. It is considered to be a loan to Hashem.

     When you give tzedakah you hold the coin above the person who is receiving it. The coin falls from the higher to the lower. It falls into his hand and becomes his possession for him to use as he pleases. This is like the soul that comes from the higher, down into the lower body. It comes with the intention to elevate the lower world and so does tzedakah.

     The coin seems to have fallen, but in truth it is going up. When a person passes away he or she stands before the Holy Judge and his life is reviewed. The improper things he did cause him great embarrassment. The burning feeling of this embarrassment that the soul experiences is the source for the metaphor of the fires of hell. Then many small coins come into view, but these coins are not made out of metal. They are made out of brilliant light. They elevate the soul higher and higher. They are the coins that person gave for tzedakah and now Hashem is paying back the loan.

     Pictured above, a father is teaching his young child to give tzedakah. He wants him to grow to live a kind life.



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