Monday, January 16, 2017

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By the Rivers of Babylon…

imageThe famous psalm… By the Rivers of Babylon where we sat and wept as we remembered Zion…  If I forget you Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its dexterity.  (Psalm 137)

As Jews we say it before every ‘blessing after a meal’ (except on Shabbos), and we say it at weddings.

Yet we’ve returned from the rivers of Babylon, and the deserts of Syria, and the casbahs of Turkey, and the streets of Rome, and the villages of France, and the forests of Russia, and the killing factories of Germany, and the castles of England, and the cities of the United States of America, and even the outback of Australia. 

And though the Assyrians killed us, and the Babylonians moved us out, and the Samarians displaced us, and the Crusaders came again to kill us, and the Muslims invaded, then the Turks, then the British… we never all left or were driven out, and we never stopped weeping and never forgot Jerusalem or the Holy Land given to us by G-d.

And when they told us we couldn’t pray at the location of G-d’s Temple because they first build a church there, then build 2 mosques there, on the Temple Mount, we prayed at the Western Wall (which others nicknamed the wailing wall as we wept and remembered Zion).  And when the Jordanians captured it and shot those who tried to pray there, we prayed from Mt. Zion where we could only see it in the distance.

But we did NOT forget, we did NOT leave except when forced or killed, we did NOT abandon our inheritance, our land, the home of the Jewish people.

And through miraculous events and the sacrifice of many, we came back, we came home.  We made a desolate land bloom.  And we returned to our holy places, and we returned to Jerusalem.  And eventually to the Holy Wall again in prayer and with tears of joy.

And although the United Nations and the Paris Group of 70 nations, and those who hate the Jews wish to declare “it’s not the Land of the Jews, it’s not the Land of the Bible, it’s not the Holy Land…it’s the land of the invaders, it’s the land of the conquerors, it’s the land of a foreign religion, it’s the land of those who’s very names themselves such as (when translated from Arabic) say “the Iraqi” and “the Egyptian””.

Regardless of what they say, it’s the Holy Land, it’s the Land of the Jewish People, it’s G-d’s Gift to the Jews, it’s the land of the Bible.  We did not forget, and we will not forget. 

The Biblical Prophets tell us they will come, they will declare, and in the end it will be a cup of poison in their hands.  And we are watching it happen on the nightly news.  Foolish ones, do you think the Guardian of Israel slumbers and sleeps?

But they believe in nothing, not even their own words.

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  1. Delicious, moving, heart wrending, AND EMESDIG! Thank you Reb Akiva.


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