Sunday, January 15, 2017

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Being Attractive

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     A religious mother asked me for advice on how to get her daughters to dress modestly. I told her to explain to them what they are really doing.

     A woman, and even more so, a teenage girl, wants to be wanted. It is a natural desire for them. Males, on the other hand have a more primitive desire. They simply want. The problem is that girls mistakenly think that being attractive means that they will be more precious to the males who see them. They are wrong. Being attractive does not mean being beautiful. It means attracting male attention. And what are those males attracted to? Not her beauty. Not her intelligence or her kindness. They are attracted only to her animal body. They want nothing more than to satisfy their animal lust and they imagine doing that with the girls who walk down the street wanting to be attractive.

     This is not what those girls really want. They want to be loved for their goodness not used for their skin. Let their good deeds and kindness come to mind when they are seen, not their animal function. When a decent male looks at modest girls family comes to mind, not body parts.



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