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  1. First of all Gutman, you are so disrespectful in how you speak of a fellow Jew. This Yeshua or Yehoshua, hellenized to "Jesus" has nothing to do with Roman Gentile xtianity. If you would take the time and study the Dead Sea Scrolls, you would see that. Why did you not tell this pastor that before the Rambam, a "Divine Messiah" was actually a Jewish belief. I will say, yes, you are correct in that we should focus on the Creator of All, who even created the emissary, Yeshua. The Creator of All manifested itself in a burning bush for example, though we don't focus on that. The descriptive term Yahweh is in the future tense "I will be what I will be". So technically that could be the burning bush, that could be yes, what ever the Creator decides to manifest itself into. It is a fine line. As far as
    a return, the concept is actually in the Tanach, Micha 5:1 in which the Hebrew clearly states comings forth, in the plural. This is the concept of MBY and MBD. Let me give you the bottom line here, both sides have agenda and infact do not tell the truth. The reason this Jew "cannot" be the messiah is what he practiced. He as where his original followers opposition sadducees. So logically, if he is the messiah, both pharisaic/rabbinical Judaism and roman gentile/messianic Christianity are both wrong. That's where the rubber meets the road. Now what is interesting, is we will get the messiah we never wanted according to Jewish sources and that the dati will infact reject him. Roman Gentile xtianity will say he is the "antichrist". Isn't the game sweet, both sides who are wrong, will reject him, Gods emissary who God will actually identify here in Israel. It's sad both sides are so busy fighting each other based on lies instead of straightening this mess up. Wake up Israel, wake up.

  2. Shiloh,

    Just go to this site, study Rabbi Blumenthal material and stop your nonsense:


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