Sunday, January 29, 2017

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A Muslim Writes

​   by Reb Gutman Locks    
       A Muslim Writes


Antar Shadad commented on my video; "Why Are Jews Here?" Why Are Jews Here?

     You are just a drop surrounded by Arabs and ocean. Without US and western world we will kill you all by spit only. With all respect to your religion. We just want our lands back.


Gutman replies:

     The Koran says this is the Land that G-d gave to the Jewish people. It is the Arabs that are trying to take the Jewish land. See the video; A Jew reads the Koran. A Jew Reads the Koran


Antar replies;

     The Qur'an is clear, yes G-d promises the land for bane Israel but they betrayed prophet Moshe and worship the gold cow after they saw G-d wonders!! And they still don't have faith. They broke the promises that G-d. If you continue the aaya on the Qur'an you will read what is mean that G-d give the land to the good people with strong faith like Muslims they don't betrayed G-d, prophet Muhammad, so they deserve the promises land. And don't forget Abraheem blessed his son Ishmael. That's why Jews was lived in madena because they have prophecy that a prophet or the, messiah will come to madena but when the prophet was from Ishmael they rejected him….


Gutman replies;

     G-d gave this Holy Land to the descendants of Avraham, Isaac, and Yacov. G-d is not like a man who does not keep his word. The Prophets told us we would be exiled and then after many years we would return to our Holy Land and we see this happening today. If you were truly G-d fearing people you would help the Jews from all over the world come live in Israel so the final Redemption will come quicker.


Antar replies;

     Ok fine with me. But you forget that Jews came from all over the world by (gentiles). The people who treats Jewish people so bad before when Spain defeated Muslims who came with them to Morocco. You guys and we lived together like brothers. The problem starts when Jews betrayed Muslims who open their arms for them and shake hand with western people the people who almost genocide the Jews so betrayed in your blood like what happened to our prophet Moses peace be upon him….


Gutman replies;

    You are inventing history. Never have Jews gone out to take any land other than the Holy Land Israel. If you are a Muslim then follow the Koran and help the "Palestinian" Arabs to move from the land that G-d gave to the Jewish People and move them to the land that G-d gave to arab people. Then there will be peace here. As for peace in the rest of the world, those who are attacking say they will not stop until Muslim law rules the world. Talk to them if you want peace there. Shalom


Antar replies;



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