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The Four Most Important Days

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     I was invited to be the sandek at my friend's son's bris milah. The infant is placed on the sandek's lap while the boy is circumcised. It is said that all of the good qualities of the sandek are passed onto the boy. It is a tremendous honor to be there for the boy. The spiritual privilege of being a sandek is so great that on this day Hashem blesses all those whom the sandek blesses.

     The day is one of the most important days in the boy's life even though he is way too young to be able to comprehend what happened.

     There are four days in a Jewish man's life that are his most important days of all, and each of these four days is represented in one of the letters in Hashem's most holy Name, Yud Kav Vav Kay  י - ק – ו – ק .[i]

     The first most important day is the day of his bris. This is seen in the first letter of the Name "Hashem", the Yud. The letter Yud is shaped like the place of the bris. This is when his name is given to him. We are told that an angel softly whispers to the parents telling them what the boy's name should be. The name contains and reveals his spiritual mission in life.

     The second most important day is his bar mitzvah, the day he becomes 13 years old. At this age he is considered to be responsible to carry out the Commandments Hashem has given to the Jewish People. This is seen in the second letter of Hashem, the first Kay which stands for understanding.[ii] The boy has reached the age of understanding.

     The third most important day of his life is seen in the next letter of Hashem's most holy Name, the Vav. The Vav is the Yud extended downward. The Vav stands for the day of his marriage when he begins to make his family.

     The final most important day is seen in the ending Kay which stands for judgement.[iii] This is the day of the Jew's passing from this world when he goes before the Holy King for judgement.

     These days sum up the life of the Jew. The Jew has been created to serve G-d. This is our purpose and this is our way. Each of these days are opportune days for the Jew when Hashem pays particular attention to him ready to give him even more as he moves forward to fulfil his purpose.


[i] The Name is not spelled as in the Torah to protect its sanctity.

[ii] The Zohar and the Ari

[iii] The Zohar and the Ari


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