Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Reb Gutman Locks declared War Criminal by United Nations Security Council for Living in Jerusalem

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

imageMystical Path’s own beloved blogger Reb Gutman Locks was shocked to discover after the end of the Holy Shabbos and going into Chanukah (and the Xian holiday that falls on the same day as Chanukah this year) in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, that he had been declared a war criminal by the United Nations Security Council on Friday afternoon (U.S. time).

Reb Gutman, a long term Jewish resident of the Old City – Jerusalem, Israel, living in the Jewish Quarter and to be found praying daily at the Kotel – Western Wall, the holiest (currently accessible) site to Judaism as well as meeting tourists at the site and urging Jewish visitors to put on tefillin (a Jewish religious practice of daily placing leather boxes containing scriptural verses on the arm and on the head – as stated in the Torah aka Old Testament) was declared a War Criminal for being a Jew living in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and further violating international demands by being a Jew visiting a Jewish holy site and praying as a Jew there (the Western Wall).

To further make their point that the Old City of Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter do not belong to the Jews and have no history with the Jews or the Xians, the United Nations Security Council passed their resolution on the eve of Chanukah and Xmas – pointing out that neither holiday happened because they have voted otherwise.

(A breakdown of the details of the resolution can be viewed here – but repeatedly noting it states the situation should revert to the status prior to 1967 – when the Old City of Jerusalem was bereft of Jews because the Jordanians expelled or killed all Jews and destroyed all synagogues and trashed all holy sites after capturing the Old City in 1948.)

According to the resolution, the Security General of the United Nations will be reporting on Reb Gutman’s living status in the Old City every 3 months perpetually going forward. 

Sadly this is not a joke, just completely ludicrous.  Some have speculated that this action opens the door for residents of the Old City to be charged by the International Criminal Court and/or subject to boycotts by European organizations. 

Who voted for this resolution?  UK, France, China, Russia, Angola, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Venezuela.  The U.S. declined to use it’s veto power and abstained. – Bereshis (Genesis) 12:3

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  1. AH-HA! I knew it! I always knew there was a war criminal hiding behind that bearded smile! Lurking about the Kotel and praying and helping Jews put on tefillin, telling Jewish men to only marry Jewish women, and instructing non-Jews about the Noahide Laws! It was all part of a cleverly crafted cover, but now the UN has found him out! Yes, it won't be long before they slap on the cuffs and drag him before the ICC to face judgment for his many war crimes!

    LOL! As if the UN hasn't done enough to make themselves look foolish. Well, at least the USA has a president that'll truly side with Israel now. No worries.


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