Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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From the Mouth of Kerry: Israel, Jewish OR Democratic

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

John Kerry, the last Secretary of State of the United States under President Obama, gave his final foreign policy speech a few hours ago…speaking exclusively of “Mideast Peace” or more specifically “The Two State Solution between Israel and Palestine”.  While a long speech, we must say that he is an eloquent speaker.

Two points are worth focusing upon:

1. Mr. Kerry repeatedly and clearly stated, that Israel can be “Jewish or Democratic” – a direct message to hear from above.  This does not mean that Israel should not elect it’s leaders.  But it does mean that there are times when democratic principles and freedom of choice must give way to Torah and the moral fabric of Judaism. 

2. Mr. Kerry demonstrated this in his speech, where he states the democratic principles of the United States obligate it to force Israel to give ‘Palestinians’ a viable state.  And he continually criticized Israel for taking actions (which were security actions) that have reduced ‘Palestinian’ freedom of movement and viability as a state.  But he ignored the REASONS WHY Israel took those actions, that being ongoing attacks, shootings, bombings, car rammings, stabbings, even slitting the throats of young children and whole families.  He DID mention ongoing ‘Palestinian’ incitement and support of incitement by the Palestinian Authority, stating the U.S. keeps telling the Authority to “stop that”…which it doesn’t, suffers no consequences from, isn’t upbraided in public by the U.S., and still gets funded for!

While Kerry criticized in his speech some of the actions of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (and this is the FIRST TIME I’ve EVER heard a U.S. Secretary of State say ANYTHING negative about the ‘Palestinians’ in public), the U.S. has NEVER suggested that there be a UN resolution against such actions. 

And this is CONSISTENTLY why U.S. and E.U. peacemaking has FAILED between Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ – that being the ‘Palestinians’ have NEVER suffered a negative consequence for any of their horrific negative actions.  I should further note that following EVERY such speech, UN resolution, and/or international funding commitments, there is ALWAYS an uptick in terror attacks by ‘Palestinians’ against Israel civilians. 

The ‘Palestinians’ do not educate for peace, they do not talk peace, they do not propagandize for peace.  They talk death.  And to date the U.S. has not called them out on it (in public) nor have they suffered any consequence.  So why not try to kill Jews?  It’s fun, and it pays.  And the Obama administration completely missed it.

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