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Wisdom of the Nations-Idolatry-Torah

​   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Wisdom of the Nations-Idolatry-Torah


     Two letters came today. They were asking entirely different questions, but the problem is the same, and the answer is the same.

     The first letter asks; Since Hashem makes "everything in creation with a parallel" what is the Jewish equivalent to the 7 Chakras?" The second letter asked about searching for Jewish mysticism but finding "the rabbis secretive, hard to understand, and not accessible and turning to non-Jewish books on hypnosis, positive thinking, meditation, astral projection-controlled out of body experiences and finding these fascinating."


Gutman's response:

     Yes, Jewish mysticism has been hidden and in most places even forgotten, but it is still entirely available. It is available on one very strong condition. You have to search for it. You have to search with at least the same intensity that you do when learning the revealed Torah. Spiritual insight does not come automatically in life, not even when working very hard learning the physical Torah. You have to search in both the physical and the spiritual Torah. Then it will come.

     The subjects you ask about, coming from where they are coming, will only take you away from the true spiritual goal in life. Following them is like trying to put your coat on in a dark room and reaching in your pocket thinking it is the sleeve. At the beginning it seems to be what you want, but in the end you see that they do not go where you want to go.

     The chakra teachings come from Eastern idolatry. They teach if you meditate on the seat of the spine the kundalini energy will rise up and will give you spiritual experiences. Ultimately it will go to the top of your head and you will receive "god-realization. You will see that you are god." They call this power the "serpent power."

     The Torah also teaches about this. Who in Torah says "if you eat of that fruit your eyes will be opened and you will be like G-d"? The serpent says this to Eve in the Garden.

     Even the strongest poison can be nullified by mixing it with enough pure water. The stronger the poison the more clean water needed, but you can drink any poison if it is nullified by enough pure water. But no matter how much pure water, no matter how many good deeds come with the idolatry, even the tiniest piece of it can never be nullified.

     As for non-Jewish books and being "fascinated" by: hypnosis, positive thinking, meditation, astral projection-controlled out of body experiences. Even if they are not actually idolatry, a Jew must find his spiritual answers in the Torah or those very "answers" will lead him or her away from a Torah life.

     Everything you really want to find can be found within the Torah. It is imperative for you to find your spiritual satisfaction in ways that bring you to the goal of Torah; revealing Hashem's Presence. None of those "fascinating" subjects will do that. They will lead you further and further away.

     To begin, besides continuing with your Torah studies, look at Jewish mediation and work to apply it. Then see where it leads you.

Direct Your Heart to Heaven - Jewish Meditation 




  1. Our Sages teach us that we can learn general and secular wisdom from the nations, but never any Torah or anything associated with G-Dliness. For everything outside of Torah is idolatry. Also, a true Mekubal cannot be younger than 40 and usually has reached his full knowledge by the age of 70; therefore, unless one is so totally learned in a holy way in Torah, it is best that the average person do not have access to the deep knowledge because they cannot possibly understand it. Today, we have some of the secrets behind the meanings in Torah that is accessible for the average Jew to learn. There is Tanya and other writings but the deep knowledge of Kabalah is not for the average person. It can only lead to misinterpretations, etc. The Sages were the wisest and they understood what is practical for the average Jew to know. When Moshiach comes, he will teach us the Torah Nistar, the hidden Torah.

  2. "a true Mekubal cannot be younger than 40 "

    I read somewhere that it is not about age per se but about years of study, 40 years of talmudic/halakhic study!


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