Monday, November 14, 2016

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Two Years and Eight Months

​   by Reb Gutman Locks

Two Years and Eight Months


     Eli has lived the past 48 years in Canada. Before that he lived in what used to be called Rhodesia for many years, and if you go back far enough he was born in Norway in 1935. When he was seven years old the nazis y'ms took over his village. His parents paid some Norwegians to hide him while they ran to hide somewhere else. He spent two years and eight months alone in their attic not knowing if each day would be the day he would be discovered and sent to the death camp. He survived, thank G-d, and so did his parents.

     I asked him why would those non-Jews risk their very lives to hide a Jewish boy. Surely your parents did not give them enough money to offset such a real risk like that.

     He said, "I could hear them talking down in the house… and the younger boys said that they should throw me out, but the grandmother was a christian believer and she told them that yushka was going to come among the Jewish people to be their messiah, and if you throw the boy out yushka is going to be mad at you." That was enough to stop them and allow him shelter for all that time.

     Whatever their reasons, every non-Jew who risked his or her life saving a Jew anywhere will be blessed for what they did. It is an amazing good deed.

     And what do you and I learn from his story? If we remember Eli's story, every morning when we first wake up in our bedrooms, before we even open our eyes, and we say, "Modeh ani lifanecha…" (I give thanks to You, living and eternal King…) we will really mean it.



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