Thursday, November 24, 2016

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Torah or Enlightenment

by Reb Gutman Locks

Torah or Enlightenment


Hi! My name is Yisroel

     I emailed you around a year ago about martial arts and chi, you wrote this article afterwards

     Boruch Hashem, since then i stopped doing chi exercises and eventually kung fu. (It's hard to find good forms without chi) and went to Krav maga. I even threw out my books on chi and kung fu. It spoke about enlightenment stuff at the end.

     You told me if you feel "energy" moving around your body stop the practice and do not do it again.

     The thing is sometimes throughout the day I could feel a sensation or like a small tingle inside. Like when getting up after sitting for a while or while exercising or just plain. Also sometimes while davening i could feel by an emotional part like a sensation rushing through or while learning or when listening to an emotional song.

     So whenever i felt it i stopped for a second or till i didn't feel it or kind of "shuckled" a little faster (i used to daven more relaxed and shuckle slowly).  but now its harder to concentrate.

      What i felt may be natural, its not like a Big feel of energy rushing through just like a tingling feel or like blood circulating.

     So should i worry any time i feel something or should i continue like davening and just not focus on it? is it a problem at all?


Thank you very much!



Gutman's response:


     The energy I cautioned you about is stong and might even move around the body. What you seem to be describing sounds completely natural and should be fine.

     It is good that you discarded those other systems and found a kosher way to satisfy your desire for martial arts. It is a blessing that you saw in the end that they wrote about enlightenment. Such teachings are invariably interwoven within their physical systems.

     Enlightenment is an entirely spiritual subject, and what they call their enlightenment would be darkness to a Jew. A Jew must find his or her fulfilment within proper Jewish sources. No other system will lead to the revelation of Hashem's presence, and this is our goal in life.

     If a Jew, even a religious Jew, would feel that his spiritual satisfaction was within any path other than Torah, that system would become his way of life, his very being, while Judaism would become his religion, at best.

     Whatever you do throughout your day, be it work or martial arts, think about Hashem and your will life will be successful.

Be well



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