Monday, November 28, 2016

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Jerusalem’s Message to President Trump

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths
is why President Trump must keep his promise and move the USA Embassy to
Jerusalem. What is in the heart of Jerusalem? Everything happens for a reason.


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  1. Very nice, but creating the illusion of the 'USA' in middle of the English spelling of Ir Hakodesh might not be so good for those of our people who are secular and very uninformed of Torah & Judaism and for the general int'l public. Jews are very comfortable in the galut and those same types of Jews who live in Israel think that the western culture is the end-all so they might think Yerushalayim is just as much for the goyim as for the Yehudim, c'v, and that is a very bad perception to give. It would be wise for the U.S. to have the embassy moved to the Capital of Israel, Yerushalayim, as it is the 'capital' and heart and soul of Israel and the Jewish people & the holiest city on earth. Why should Israel be considered different than any other country whose capitals are all recognized by the nations! The reason is anti-semitism and as Tehilim 83 tell us, they would love it for themselves because of its kedusha!


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