Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Big Mistake!

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

Big Mistake!


     A reader commented on my post regarding chakras. Herein is one of the biggest mistakes a Jew can possibly make. Here is some of what he wrote:


     "How can modalities of practice be idolatry when no worship is taking place? One only has to study the esoteric literature to find the Jewish equivalent to self-hypnotism astral projection and the human energy centers. Jewish mysticism share more in common with eastern mysticism then differences. You cannot call chakras idolatry unless you say the same about Kabbalistic practice."


Gutman's response:

     Even the good, if there would be any, that could be found in idolatry is to be shunned as it will lead you to praise the evil found there too.

     To make this simple, just stop and look what you wrote regarding the chakras not being idolatry. The chakras teachings not only come from idolatry but they are the actual worship of an idol. And in this case you yourself become the idol.

     When you meditate to raise that serpent energy up your spine you try to raise it higher and higher, through the chakras, until you come to "self-realization". This is also called "god-realization"! You realize that you are god! You have become the idol.

     Idolatry includes any service, be it prayer, or praise, or any practice that leads to these. Again, nothing, not the slightest drop of any idolatry can be purified and used for the good. You are to find all of your spiritual practices within the Torah, or you will end up in a dark closest with voices yelling at you while you bang your head on a wall.

     Jewish mysticism leads us to the revelation of Hashem's Presence in this world. It is Hashem we serve and seek, not the self, nor any of the other goals of idolatry.



  1. Is it okay to do pilates, which is a form of stretching

  2. Pilates is a system of physical exercise. As far as I have ever heard it has no spiritual teachings attached.

  3. Should I assume that acupuncture is also forbidden?

  4. As far as I have heard, acupuncture is without spiritual teachings and is used in most major hospitals today for pain relief.


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