Sunday, November 13, 2016

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A Big Bargain

​   by Reb Gutman Locks  

A Big Bargain


     I had to run out to the local markolet (grocery store). There were two young boys, maybe 9 years-old, sitting on the floor blocking most of the narrow isle. They had a few coins and their little empty wallet spread out on the floor between their legs. They were counting the coins.

     I picked up the couple of things that I needed and hurried over to the short line by the checkout counter. The boys were in line in front of me. Their turn came. They showed the cashier the four pieces of candy they had chosen and spread all of their coins out on the counter. They were all ten agorot coins (approx. 2½ cents each). They looked up at the cashier expecting to pass right through. He had different ideas.

     "30 agorot more!" he barked at them.

     The boys' faces went from joyful expectation to total dismay. Without a word you could read their thoughts "Oh no! What to do? We don't have any more money. Do we have to give back one of the pieces of candy? Oh no…"

    Just then the old man standing in line behind them (me) loudly said, "Wait a minute... wait a minute…. I have 30 agorot and he reached in his pocket and put the three coins on the counter in front of the boys. The boys smiled… big relief. One of them slid the three coins over to the cashier. He took them and rung up the sale.

     The boys looked at me, said "thank you," and ran off smiling, happy to be able to go eat their candy.

     What a bargain! I made two really nice Jews totally happy for only 8 cents. Wow…If only I could do that for everyone.


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