Sunday, October 23, 2016

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From D Rubin

יהי רצון ...  כן אזכה לישב בסוכת עורו של לויתן

May it be the will that as I fulfilled the mitsvoh of sitting in the sukkoh, so I should merit, in the coming year, to sit in the sukkoh of the skin of the Leviathan.

We say this prayer at the culmination of Sukkos. What does it mean?

(What is 'the skin of the Leviathan'? Where is it now? Would it even be kosher??!)

In Aqdomus – on Shovuos – we mention, not only the Leviathan but also the Shor HaBor – the Wild Ox. In an apparent cosmic duel, the Ox gores the Leviathan who manages to slaughter the Ox with a fin, both providing an amazing repast for the righteous. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??

(Forewarning: The following is based upon the writings of the kabbalists.)

The Shor HaBor – the Wild Ox – refers to the wild desires of this world, the various not-good character traits and desires that it is our job to strain, purify and uplift through the directives and advices of the Torah. The resultant knowledge of G-d is the Leviathan. It is the inner 'soul' of the Torah.

In the World-to-Come (days of Moshiach), our experience of reality will be radically changed. The wild desires of the world, the Shor HaBor, will no longer exist. The illusion that is the yetser horo will have been exposed. The Torah and mitsvos will exist on an entirely new plane. The Shor HaBor will have been 'slaughtered' by the 'fin' of the Leviathan, the performance of G-d's mitsvos. Our knowledge of G-d will be elevated to an entirely new level. When the soul is elevated to a higher level, the previous level is left as a 'shell'; it now becomes the new outer reality.

This is the עורו של לויתן – ' the skin of the Leviathan '.

(Gematrioh hint: עורו של לויתן = מלכות תורה – i.e. the outer embodiment of the cleaving to G-d.)

יהי רצון ...  שנזכה לישב בסוכת עורו של לויתן!



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