Sunday, October 16, 2016

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FRANCE and others officially Deny Christianity

In a vote in the United Nations, the following formerly Christian countries either voted for or did not vote against a resolution denying the existing of the Christian bible and Jewish bible, specifically all areas and references to Jerusalem contained within.  Rather these countries voted for or did not vote against a claim by Muslim countries that Jerusalem and the holy sites therein are exclusively Muslim – and by doing so explicitly DENIED CHRISTIANITY (and Judaism).

The countries, that were FORMERLY Christian (or with a strong Christian history and a majority Christian population), have now explicitly denied their own history and the beliefs of the majority of their populations.

The FORMER Christian countries that supported or did not vote against the resolution are:

Former Christian country Argentina
Former Christian country Brazil
Former Christian country Dominican Republic
Former Christian country El Salvador
Former Christian country France
Former Christian country Greece
Former Christian country Italy
Former Christian country Mexico
Former Christian country South Korea
Former Christian country Spain
Former Christian country Sweden

The details on the U.N. decision can be seen here – but are irrelevant as YOUR GOVERNMENTS already approved it (or did not vote against it).  Welcome to atheism…and G-d wept.

What can you do?  Contact your government and express how inappropriate it is that it is supporting statements against your beliefs!  And you’re funding the UN department that’s doing this!  Suggest your government STOP SUCH FUNDING. 

This is the way you address this type of issue.  With all due respect to my fellow Jewish bloggers and Israeli social commentators, trying to state facts, bring up archeology, historical or biblical sources is poppycock.  As we can see from the U.S. election, outrageous statements, emotional rants and influencing statements work – facts are (sadly) irrelevant.  Stop trying to construct a logical argument, shoot for and from the heart.

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  1. The logical answer is what we believing Jews know and what Chazal tell us. These are signs of keitz hayamim where we are told that most of the world will become atheistic. This is probably the way of the avodah zorahs being abandoned once and for all. It's all part of the cleansing (birur) of humanity and the world. This is why we are trying to get our people to do teshuvah; but those who are fighting against H' will fare no better than the rest of those who deny there is a G-D.

    Things are moving fast and world is on edge; technology has made these non-believers even more so because they think that man is the one with the capacity to rule itself (create itself, etc.). How foolish man who places his hopes in 'man' and not the Creator.

    Worry not because those who believe (EMUNAH) in H' will be protected by HIM.


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