Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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A Big Esrog and a Succos Story


Picture – Now that’s a BIG lulav and enormous esrog!

Succos Story – This Chabad Succos story was shared with our shul group…  “Rabbi Yehuda Clapman told me this story:

One year before Succos, Reb Elye Gross asked me if I already bought an Esrog?  When I replied that not yet, he suggested that I go to a certain individual to purchase an Esrog by him, because this Jew simply needs the Parnassa (he needs the income).  I obliged and I went to this person to search for an nice Esrog.

I looked around for a while and I couldn’t find any Esrog that pleased my fancy.  While there, another individual comes in picks an Esrog, asks how much, pays and turns to leave.  I joined this individual on his way out empty handed, and as we exited the house I turned to him and asked, what nice Esrog were you able to find here, I’m here for a good while and I couldn’t find anything reasonable?

He replied: By me a Mehuderdike Esrog (an esrog of the highest quality) is to give a Jew Parnassa for Yomtov (for the holiday)!

I was very impressed by his answer to say the least.

On Yomtov we met in shul, and in my curiosity I checked to see what Esrog is he really using, I was thinking that for sure he bought himself another beauty of an Esrog elsewhere (as he was capable of doing), and that this other Esrog that I saw him buy, he bought just to support that merchant for Yomtov.  When I saw the Esrog that he was using I was astonished, he actually used that Esrog that I witnessed him buy.

I was so touched by what I witnessed, that I decided that I must write to the Rebbe this beautiful story of pure Ahavas Yisroel.  Somewhat hesitatingly I went to the Rebbe’s office, and I asked the secretary if it would be appropriate to write this story to the Rebbe?  The Mazkir (secretary) was not pleased with my question, and he responded: Every day the Rebbe gets all kinds of letters full of negativity and sadness, and here you have a beautiful story of pure Ahavas Yisroel which would give the Rebbe so much pleasure, and you are hesitating to write?

I got the message, and I went to a certain Jew in Crown Heights who had a beautiful handwriting, plus he was a masterful writer and poet, I told him the story, and he went ahead to write for the Rebbe a whole Megila, telling the story with poetry and charm, he used special paper and he wrote with gorgeous lettering and style, and off I went to the Rebbe’s office to hand the letter for the Rebbe.  Next day I got a call from the Rebbe’s Mazkir, he said I have no answer for you from the Rebbe, but, I will describe to you what happened with your letter.

I put your letter on top of the pile of letters I brought into the Rebbe, I wanted your letter to be the first letter the Rebbe saw so he can read it first, and sure enough the Rebbe took your letter immediately and started reading, I stayed by the door and watched, here is what I saw:  The Rebbe started reading, and I noticed that he was not reading it fast as he would do many times, but rather I saw that he was concentrating and reading your letter word by word and line by line, and as he progressed in reading your letter line by line, I saw the Rebbe’s smile grow bigger and bigger and bigger!

Your letter caused the Rebbe much Nachas!

Let’s all celebrate a beautiful Yomtov of Achdus in these last moments of Hakhel.


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