Thursday, September 08, 2016

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US trains ISIS commanders, Syrian Druze forced Re-education to Islam - Jewish News Skim Sept 8, Elul 5

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Avoid the shtuss yet be an informed smart Jew while standing on one leg!  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews – Be a Smart Aleck!

image- New ISIS Military Commander was trained by U.S. State Department!  The new ISIS military commander whom the U.S. just days ago announced a $3 million bounty for, was trained by the State Department in an anti-terror program in 2014 while serving in the security service of Tajikistan.  He replaces another ISIS commander who was also trained by the United States as part of the Georgian army and who was killed in July.  Unironically, the State Department spokeswoman said that both commanders were appropriately screened & vetted: "All appropriate Leahy vetting was undertaken in advance of this training.”  Why is does the U.S. keep training the military commanders of ISIS???  You can’t make this stuff up!

- Upstate New York man sentenced for targeting Jews & Blacks, found with machine gun. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says a 19-year-old was sentenced Tuesday as a result of a investigation into Smith’s online threats against blacks and Jews.  Prosecutors say the man admitted he tried repeatedly to buy fully automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons that he intended to convert to fully automatic. His social media postings included advocating violence against minority groups and “destroying the government.”  There are some in every generation.

- After multiple artillery strikes in Israel, Israel bombs Syrian positions.  The Israeli Air Force overnight hit a number of rocket launchers belonging to the Syrian army after a projectile from the neighboring country struck an open area on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights earlier Wednesday evening. The Israeli military said spillover projectiles will not be tolerated and that Israel holds the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad responsible.  The raging civil war in Syria has generated a number of such incidents over the years.  Jewish lives matter.

- Palestinian Authority President was a KGB agent.   Notes from USSR archivist who defected indicate PA president was working for Soviets in Damascus in 1980s while Putin’s current Mideast envoy was stationed there.  This is my shocked faced.

- Syrian Islamist Insurgents force Druze villages to Convert to Sunni Islam and requires Re-Education.  The Jabal al-Summaq area in Idlib province is originally Druze, but inhabitants were forced to renounce the religion twice and convert to Sunni Islam. There has been a thorough Islamization program, including destruction of shrines and an insistence locals abide by imposed Shari'i regulations and attend forced re-education.  All youth and adults are required to attend daily Islamic classes, failure to attend results in being sent to a concentration camp.  Mass slaughter of civilians, enforced conversions – this SHOULD be a world priority.  But somehow a Jew building a house in Israel wakes the world, tens of thousands of deaths, slavery, cultural and physical genocide, forced conversions…nothing – nobody cares – United Nations, what United Nations?

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today.     (our skim is ethnically focused, but we’re thrilled for every reader)

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