Sunday, September 11, 2016

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On 9/11, Terror Attacks Worldwide & War Brewing on Israel’s Northern Border - Jewish News Skim Sept 11, Elul 8

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Avoid the shtuss yet be an informed smart Jew while standing on one leg!  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews – Be a Smart Aleck!


- Israel Threatened: Iranian and Hezbollah forces streaming in opposite Israel’s Golan borderIran-backed Hezbollah forces, including Russian-made artillery, are quickly amassing just over a mile from Israel's northern border with Syria.  A large Hezbollah force, backed by the Syrian army and pro-Iranian Shiite militias, is building up outside Quneitra, just over a mile from Israel’s Golan border. The Lebanese Shiite fighters, under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) officers, are streaming into southern Syria, armed with tanks and artillery.  In public statements, the forces are there to oust Syrian rebel forces.  In reality, they represent a large armed force facing Israel, a threat Israel may have to act against.

- Car Bomb (did not go off, thank G-d) outside Marseille synagogue on Shabbat in France.  A car containing gas canisters was found Saturday outside a synagogue in Marseille, France.  Police initially feared the vehicle outside the Bar Yohaye Jewish Community Center and synagogue was booby-trapped.  Since no trigger mechanism was found, this may have been a dry run test of security instead. 

- German Interior Minister: Over 500 (potential) Terrorists in the country.  German police are monitoring hundreds of people who could carry out jihadist terror attacks.  “The terror threat now stems from foreign hit teams as well as fanatical lone wolves in Germany.  The hit teams are secretly smuggled into Europe and prepare their actions without being noticed, as we saw with the attacks in Paris and Brussels, but it’s even more difficult to uncover the fanatical lone wolves. Unfortunately, there is a real and present danger from both threats.”  And yet you import more of the same.  National suicide?  Political stupidity?  Or you just don’t care about your people?

- Yet another Lone Wolf attack in Australia, stabbing in Sydney suburb by Muslim.  A man “inspired by” the Islamic state group was Sunday charged with committing an act of terror over a stabbing attack that Australian police called the “new face of terrorism.”   The stabbing by the 22-year-old Islamic man in Sydney came two days after a teenage boy was charged with making threats at the Sydney Opera House, and both incidents followed an IS call to target high-profile Australian sites.   On September 11th, the “new face of terrorism” is the old face of terrorism.  Or we could ignore it and hope it goes away. 

- Plot in Belgium to perform a Chain Saw Massacre of Christians (really) in a Mall.  ISIS extremists are hatching a plot to butcher Christians in a shopping center with chainsaws, the son of a radical Imam told the Daily Mail.   He is said to have revealed in a police interview that the terrorist organization is recruiting members in order to carry out a massacre in a shopping center using a chainsaw. The man, son of a radical imam, confessed that ISIS is recruiting lone wolves in Belgium.  The teenager said two planned attacks were to be staged at a shopping center.  Now terrorists are taking ideas from Hollywood horror movies???

- After having their Christian aid diverted to terror operations, World Vision is laying off contractors in Gaza.  This is not because they want to stop aid (even with them knowing 1/2 is going to terrorism, but rather because authorities have frozen accounts and donors have slowed down.  “The NGO said its bank accounts in Jerusalem had been frozen by Israeli authorities and it was no longer able to transfer money to Gaza, making it impossible to pay.  The letter said World Vision was living through a big crisis and its sources of funding had been affected.”  “Because of the crisis, we have frozen all our activities in Gaza. Our bank accounts in Jerusalem were frozen by the (Israeli) authorities, which also prevented us from making any transfers to Gaza.”   Awwwwwwww.

- It’s 9/11, the 15th year anniversary of the terror attacks that brought down the Twin Towers and hit the Pentagon – the worst domestic attacks in U.S. history.  Islamic terrorists tried to bring down Western Civilization that day.  People from my synagogue died in the attack, my children watched the towers burn, and I was headed to the next flight after one that was taken.  It would be nice to say our governments learned…but 10 years later they clearly ignored those lessons and moved on to a situation – importing the very thing that tried to kill them – that is now attacking from the inside.



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