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Jewish Students Threatened, US Navy Ship Threatened, Zika threatens - Jewish News Skim Sept 7, Elul 4

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Avoid the shtuss yet be an informed smart Jew while standing on one leg!  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews – Be a Smart Aleck!

image- U.S. Navy Ship “Swarmed by Iranian gunboats” for 4th time in Persian Gulf.  Seven armed boats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) swarmed a U.S. Navy patrol ship in the Persian Gulf, forcing it to change course after the Iranians came within 100 yards and stopped their vehicles in the American ship’s path.  This was the fourth such incident in the past month, with over 31 such incidents this year.  “The big concern here is miscalculation,”Gen. Joseph Votel said, “If they continue to test us, we are going to respond.” Or, given that you’ve ignored it 31 times, you are going to continue to be too afraid to respond.

- Zika Alert: World Health Organization advises practice Safe Relations or Abstinence for 6 months after being in a Zika areaThe World Health Organization toughened its advice on preventing the spread of Zika, saying anyone returning from areas hit by the virus should practice safe (relations) or abstain for six months afterwards.  "WHO recommends practicing safer (relations) or abstinence for a period of six months for men and women who are returning from areas of active transmission... to prevent Zika virus infection through sexual transmission.  Mounting evidence has shown that sexual transmission of Zika virus is possible and more common than previously assumed." Zika is primarily a mosquito-borne virus that causes no symptoms in four out of five of those affected, but causes severe birth defects in pregnancy and paralysis in some cases.

- Jewish students threatened in San Francisco.  Police in San Francisco have arrested at least one person after threats to Jewish students at a high school in the Bay Area were posted on social media.  Extra security surrounded Fremont High and Homestead High, both in Silicon Valley.  The Fremont principal called the threat a “religious rant” targeting Jewish students.  The threats, which appeared on Facebook, warned that the high school would be attacked and included pictures of a person in a gas mask and a knife with a swastika on the handle.

- Archaeologists restore ancient tiles from Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  For the first time since its destruction at the hands of the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago, several floor tiles from Jerusalem’s Second Temple’s courtyard have been reconstructed.  “This represents the first time that archeologists have been able to successfully restore an element from the Herodian Second Temple complex, it enables us to get an idea of the Temple’s incredible splendor”  The regally designed ancient tiles likely featured prominently in the courtyards of the holy Temple during King Herod’s reign between 37 to 4 BCE.


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