Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Giving Your Tithe

​   by Reb Gutman Locks    


     When we leave this world, obviously we want to leave in the best way possible. It is said that a successful Jew dies with a smile on his face. What can we do to ensure that we too will have successful lives?

     When the Temple stood, at certain times we would make a confession to Hashem. Although no sin was involved this statement is called a confession. We would declare that we delivered all of the tithes, the charity, the portion of our gains that we were instructed to give to the appropriate recipients, to the Priests, the Levis, converts, orphans, widows, and to the poor, all according to the instructions in the Torah.

     Rashi explains the confession means, "I have rejoiced and I caused others to rejoice too." We see that it is not enough to just recognize that Hashem has given us our growth. We must be happy with it. And it is not enough to merely share our gain with the poor, but we must see to it that they too are happy. Then, after saying the confession, we would ask Hashem to gaze down upon us and to bless us.[i]

     It seems to me this "confession" is the perfect way to approach the Heavenly Judge. To be able to say, "I have rejoiced with the portion that You gave me, my life and its opportunities, and I have caused others to rejoice too. I tried my best to help the unfortunate of Your children to rejoice too."

     If we can honestly say this, then we will leave the world with a smile on our faces, and surely the Righteous Judge will look down upon us and bless us.


[i] Deuteronomy 26:15


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