Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Forces in Syria fire at Israeli Jets, Mass Murder in Chicago & Syria-No One Cares - Jewish News Skim Sept 13, Elul 10

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Avoid the shtuss yet be an informed smart Jew while standing on one leg!  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews – Be a Smart Aleck!


- Israel Air Force responds to shelling from Syria, encounters Anti-Aircraft SAM’s on Israel’s Northern Border.  On Sunday we reported on Hizbollah and Iranian forces moving in next to Israel’s Golan Border, with heavy war equipment.  Two days later we have Israel’s Air Force having S-200 Iranian upgraded Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles fired at jets coming to bomb artillery positions which struck Israel yesterdayThis now constitutes a direct threat to Israel and may lead to a serious Israeli response.

- Over 3,000 shot in Chicago so far this year. With the weekend toll of eight killed and 35 wounded, Chicago surpassed another milestone in a year that has seen the worst violence in two decades. As of early Monday, at least 3,028 people had been shot, more than the 2,980 for all of 2015. Last week, Chicago topped 500 homicides after tallying 491 all of last year.  Nearly a third of the more than 3,000 shootings took place in just three police districts.  Black Lives Matter…except to themselves apparently.

- More than 700 civilians and 160 children killed in Aleppo, Syria in the past month. On Saturday alone, airstrikes on the rebel-held provinces of Idlib and Aleppo left more than 90 civilians dead, including 13 children.  Apparently the world, the UN, the Security Council, and the U.S. State Department simply DO NOT CARE when Arabs are killing Arabs, or when Arabs are genocidally killing minorities (Yazidis, Kurds, Druze) in their territory – or even when Iran and Russia are helping.  But if it was Israel defending itself!

- Tent Cities of Homeless sprouting up around U.S.  cities againHomeless encampments are popping up all over the U.S. as poverty grows.  The number of homeless children has risen by 60 percent and 1.6 million children slept either in a homeless shelter or in some other form of emergency housing at some point last year.  For those on the low end of the economic scale things have just continued to deteriorate.  Most of the time, those that establish tent cities do not want to be discovered because local authorities have a nasty habit of shutting them down and forcing homeless people out of the area.  The U.S. actually has a serious problem of unemployed people who have lost their homes or have mental health issues, but has not created programs that help and work.  It’s ok, government failures are no longer permitted to be reported on in the U.S…not because of government censorship but because of ideological peer pressure censorship.  I guess if you don’t see it, it’s not a problem, right?  Right?

- Jerusalem Synagogue vandalized with Black CrossesActs of vandalism and violence have targeted important Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites, stoking anger among communities.  Crosses were spray-painted in black across the front doors and windows of a Jerusalem synagogue overnight Sunday in the neighborhood of San Simon.  While such events are just minor vandalism, the symbolism is significant and generates serious community feelings…in Jerusalem where it’s all a powder keg. 

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  1. 1/3 of the US population is employed. That's it. Our factories have closed and our jobs have gone to Mexico, Southeast Asia, China, and India. I blame the corrupt politicians and the corporate elite who own them. Didn't help any that the labor unions suckered people into demanding more money. $25 an hour wasted enough for them. No, they wanted $35 an hour. I've never made more than $14 an hour, but now I'm one of the 95M who are no longer in the labor force. Greed is destroying the USA. I honestly hope that I don't live much longer, because I too will be living in a tent if the status quo is maintained. And where's HaShem in all this? I guess He's got more important things to do. He certainly isn't doing anything to strengthen my emunah in all this.


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