Sunday, September 04, 2016

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   by Reb Gutman Locks  



     Some five or six years ago Ezriel was watching me putting tefillin on someone at the Kotel. He is sweet, kind, lovable, but he had never thought to reach out to help another Jew to do a mitzvah. With a little bit of encouragement he started to come by and help at the tefillin stand almost every day. His love made it easy for Jews to let him help them. He particularly liked helping soldiers.

     Now he has married and has a beautiful son, and he has a specialty. He learns Talmud with religious Jewish teens who are falling away from Torah observance. Just by learning with them a few hours a day for a few months he shares his love of Torah, and they come back to enthusiastic observance.   

     Yesterday he said, "I can help them because of what you told me. You said that I didn't come into the world to take, but to give. You were right."

     Why did these simple words have such an impact on his life? When parents give their newborn child a name, a little bit of prophecy is given to them. This means that they are led to choose the name that is most appropriate for that child's life. So your name has to reveal something about you. Ezriel means, "G-d's help"… or as I saw him, G-d's help(er).



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