Sunday, August 21, 2016

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What’s Going On?

​    by Reb Gutman Locks 

What's Going On?


     Times they are a changing. How often has something like this happen?

     These two young friends were walking away from the Kotel. Neither of them looked particularly Jewish to me, to say the least. Then, in English, the African-looking young man told his friend with the big tattoo to come over to me so I could help him put on tefillin.

     I asked him if his mother was Jewish. Both his parents are Jews. He is from America.

     While I was putting the tefillin on him he said, "You are getting a big merit by helping me with these."

     "It was your friend who brought you over. He's the one getting the merit, not me."

     While he was reading the Shema I asked his friend where he was from. He responded in perfect Hebrew, "Israel." Then I noticed that he was wearing tzitzis. I assume his background is Ethiopian.

     Here we have an English speaking Ethiopian from Israel with tzitzis bringing over a non-religious, tattooed American Jew to put on tefillin at the Kotel.

     Okay with me. But I don't remember this happening before. Rumbles of Redemption. 


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