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Skim of the News for Smart Jews–Aug 2, Tammuz 27

Avoid INFORMATION and SHTUSS OVERLOAD yet be and informed smart Jew in under 5 minutes by reading our daily news skim!  Here’s the news being talked about by smart Jews today… 

imageToday’s Skim of the News for Smart Jews

- Florida governor announces the number of Zika cases likely spread by local mosquitoes has increased to 14. Zika is a virus spread by mosquito and by marital relations. Most people who get Zika won’t know they’re sick, but infection during pregnancy can cause babies to be born with small heads and other severe brain-related birth defects. Pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant and their partners (who can share the disease with them via relations) should avoid specific areas around Miami where the disease is spreading.

- U.S. General says if Donald Trump becomes president, U.S. could face a “civil military crisis, the like of which we’ve not seen in this country.”  Following previous article on U.S. pundit sharing scenario for martial law, now a U.S. general says “I've agonized over this decision over and over again, I decried these comments (of Trump’s) that put us on a potential track for a civil military crisis the like of which we have never seen in this country."

- Syria bombs civilian hospital, world silent.  Video of staff and patients running for their lives as the Syrian government bombs a civilian hospital in Aleppo has emerged.  When rockets are being fired from hospitals and Israel responds, it’s condemned immediately by the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council.  But when Syria bombs a hospital that’s on the wrong side of the city…

- Reuters bashes Israel for not providing Olympic training facilities for Shomron (West Bank) “Palestinians”.  Israel’s response, “they forgot to ask”. More reasonable response: why exactly should Israel be responsible for providing facilities to “Palestinians” when the “Palestinians” are governing their own territory?

- Photo of the Day… Zika alert at Miami airport.


…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today…

(our skim is ethnically focused, but we’re thrilled for every reader)

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  1. The opposition raged over a new bill that allots 1,040 shekels a month to needy Torah students with families.

    This is a good thing, right? How does one define "needy"...?


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