Monday, August 15, 2016

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Skim of the News for Smart Jews–Aug 15, Av 11

Avoid SHTUSS OVERLOAD yet be an informed smart Jew in under 5 minutes!  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Smart Jews – Be a Smart Aleck!


- Billionaire George Soros, who made billions crushing national currencies and causing depressions, hacked, finding proof of millions of dollars given to anti-Israel organizations.  Soros, known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” and caused national depressions in multiple countries to make an extra billion here and there, has a special spot for groups that fight Israel and Israelis.  Orgs now proven to be funded by Soros include extreme anti-Israel organizations such as The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, the New Israel Fund, Adalah, Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel, Ma’an (Palestinian “News” lies), and more. “A document showed that the strategies are to: "focus on raising the cost of the occupation and ending it…"  You don't need to be a genius to understand what "raising the cost of the occupation" means in plain English.

- U.S city of Milwaukee continues to riot, with frightening incidents of attacks against non-Blacks.  Milwaukee burst into social unrest last night after an armed black resident was shot running from a black police officer.  Riots have grown with rioters attacking passing cars on major thoroughfares, burning businesses and attacking police.  Tens of shots are being fired.  The governor has called up military forces to put down the riots, placing them on standby if police cannot regain control.

- Beach drownings up this year in Israel as more take to coastal areas without lifeguards or outside lifeguard hours in IsraelRescues are up, as are (G-d have mercy) drownings on Israeli beaches.  Israeli beaches can be dangerous as the waters generally appear calm but often have a significant undertow and riptides.  Those visiting Israeli beaches are strongly advised to pay attention to warning signs and stay in lifeguard controlled areas ONLY.

- As sunspots disappear, solar scientists have begun talking about GLOBAL COOLING and a Mini-Ice Age starting 2020, though Global Warming activists are suppressing their research.  Sun spot activity – a driver of global climate – is currently very low and likely to get lower during the next three 11-year solar cycles.  “We will see it from 2020 to 2053. This will be similar to what was during the Little Ice Age, a period of feeble summers and bitingly cold winters from years 1300 to 1870.  What will happen to temperatures remains to be seen because nobody has developed any models on this – all climate models are based on this period when the sun has maximum activity, this is literally the opposite.”

- Americans who wish to vote in the U.S. election from Israel, time to register is almost outHere’s a link to make registration easy.

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today.     (our skim is ethnically focused, but we’re thrilled for every reader)


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