Thursday, August 25, 2016


Is G-d in Evil?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks

Is G-d in Evil?


Steven wants to know:

     Is Hashem in the heart of the Palestinian? Even in the one throwing stones at us?


Gutman's answer:

     Hashem is Infinite. The Infinite is everywhere, even in the heart of evil. King Dovid said, "…If I make my bed in the deepest depths (Hell) indeed You are there."[i]

      At first Hashem created the world with only angels. It was gorgeous. Everything went the very best it possibly could. Angels are so beautiful, but they are quite boring. At least from Hashem's perspective they are. They automatically do whatever they have been programmed to do…no freewill, no rewards, just as if Hashem typed in a letter and that letter came up on the screen. Not so exciting.

     So Hashem decided to create people and to give these people freewill. Man could do whatever he wanted, but whatever he did would come back to him…portion across from portion. This rule is hard fixed in all cases except when man repents.  

     Now along come the Jewish people and Hashem wants to give us some worldly good, so He sends out a message; "Whoever wants to give the Jewish people a blessing do so and so." And quite a few of the Nations of the world respond, and freely choose to give good to the Jewish people. Then, G-d forbid, for some reason, the Jewish people need to have rocks thrown at us. Who knows why? Maybe because the more they attack us the stronger we get? So Hashem sends out a message; "I need somebody to be cruel to the Jewish people," and guess what? A lot of the Nations of the world and the neighboring Arabs quickly respond. So, actually Satan (the evildoer) works for G-d, and like all earthly servants of G-d, he will get back unto himself just what he gave to us.

     Stay tuned the end is in sight.


[i] Psalms 139:8


  1. R. Hanina ... said: Everything is in the hand of heaven except the fear of Heaven, as it says, And now, Israel, what doth the L-rd thy G-d require of thee but to fear. (Berakoth 33b).

    Isn't this the only area where we're able to exercise freewill -- the choice of whether or not to fear HaShem?

  2. Rabbi Avraham [Bornsztain] of Sochatchov says like this, "If the persecuted knew what a favor their persecutors were doing them, they would turn around and give chase to kiss the hems of their gowns."


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