Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


Moshe asks:

    What is the appropriate amount to give to tzedaka?

Usually at shul I get a bunch of 20c coins (around half a shekel) and I put one in a tzedaka box before davening and I also give to any collectors.

     However, if I were to divide that 20c coin up, I could give four 5c coins to different tzedaka boxes that are at shul, instead of just putting in one.

     What's your advice? And how can I help the collectors who come from Israel for different causes within my means?


Gutman's response:

    We are to give a minimum of 10% of our income.

    We should give at least a coin to everyone who asks.

    When you have the option, give to the places that you see are doing the most good, and to the most needy.

     Give first to the needy in your own family, and then to your extended family.

     Give to the needy in your village, and then spread out.

     Give with your right hand (some give with both hands) showing that you really want to give it.

     Reb Moshe Feinstein said that just as you give ten percent of your income to charity so should you give ten percent of your time to helping others. This is especially appropriate in reaching out to help a fellow Jew to come to do a mitzvah that he or she would otherwise not do, and to show them how to do it with joy.

     Although we give tzedaka because we are commanded to give it, our feelings when we give it should be that we are giving it to that person because they need it. Surely, every coin we give in this world will come back to us in the World to Come, but in that World the coins will be made out an elevating, glorious light.



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