Thursday, July 07, 2016


Suicide via Soldier (in Israel)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

People in the U.S. are well familiar with the term “Suicide by Cop”.  This is defined as:

Suicide by Cop: Throwing yourself into a situation that will result in death by the police.  Example, Police tell you to get down and put your hands on your head. You pull out a black cap gun and take aim while running towards them.

It’s become clear that segments of “Palestinian” Arab society, the disturbed, the depressed, the unbalanced, are choosing to end it all via Suicide by IDF.  It seems to be an easy decision, since THEIR SOCIETY will honor their family and PAY their family if the depressed person ends it via attacking Israel.

Take a look, here a young Arab woman pulls a knife and walks zombie-like towards 2 fully armed Israeli soldiers at a bus stop…

Here’s another example.  A Palestinian woman calmly walks up to the security guard at a town entrance, and while her papers are being checked calmly pulls a knife and attempts to eviscerate the guard…

How do we understand this?  There seems to be 3 types of attackers in this knife attack spree in Israel.

Type 1 – Depressed or disturbed or mentally challenged who, due to society propaganda, is going to end it all and benefit their family in doing so by attacking an Israeli, thereby getting honor and payment for their family.

Type 2 – Overwhelmed with the propaganda and feeling their personal situation is not worth living through, they’re going to again benefit their family and society by attacking an Israeli, thereby getting honor and payment for their family.

Type 3 – Teenagers and even tweens who have bought all the hype and propaganda that killing Israelis and Jews makes one holy and special and gains them heaven, and it’s fun and exiciting and the fulfillment of their education since kindergarten, so they’re going to make all of the moment and kill an Israeli.

In all cases, the “Palestinian” propaganda fed to their society daily is the primary factor.  Kill Jews for fun – or profit – or honor – or holiness.  That’s where it starts, and that’s what must be stopped.

Oh, and by the way, US Aid and EU Aid is funding much of that propaganda.  Your tax dollars at work.


  1. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Such is the life of a cop ... or an armed guard. Some will praise you and others will dog you for not using deadly force or for not using the minimum amount of force. This is one reason I refuse to return to law enforcement or security duties.

    An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. Clearly, there was a threat of bodily harm! If you have to shoot someone, then you're suppose to shoot to disable, rather than kill, unless - and here's the damned if you do and damned if you don't part - you've got no other choice. This didn't look like a kill shot to me.

    Do all IDF troops get recurrent training in Krav Maga or is that only for special forces? Could these troops have grappled with and disarmed the female in pink? Possibly, depending on their level of self-defense training in hand-to-hand combat, but NOT without the risk of bodily harm; ergo, this shooting was totally justified and it was in the realm of "minimum force." Had the female in pink been shot twice in the torso and twice in the head ... one could argued that the troop in question used "excessive force."

    The question is.... How does one stop the "Palestinian" propaganda machine? The politicians in the US, EU, and the UN don't listen to nor do they answer to "we the people." Even if one stopped the monetary aid, the very next day there would be a renewed flow of funding from a different source. Even if one engaged in eugenics and killed every Muslim on the planet, the very next day there would be new converts to Islam.

    IMO, the only way to defeat an "idea" is with a "better idea." The only way to overcome "programming" (especially by the Sunni/Shi'a cults of Islam) is to engage in "deprogramming." IMO, only love can conquer hate. The question is.... How does the average person go about doing this?

    There are no military solutions. There are no political solutions. There are no religious solutions. There never have been. There never will be. There are only personal choices. Today, I choose not to kill. Today, I choose not to hate. Today, I choose not to steal. Today, I choose life over death; I choose love over anger; I choose charity over greed. That is our true struggle - the struggle within - the struggle to tame our Evil Inclination.

  2. Well, it's about time the USA's LameStream Media decides to cover this! Of course, this knowledge changes nothing. The Divided Sheeple of America will never unite and force the government to change.

    Expert: 10% of Palestinian Authority Budget Paid to Families of Jailed and ‘Martyred’ Terrorists


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