Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Skim of the News for Smart Jews–July 31, Tammuz 25

Shavua Tov – a good week, a peaceful week, a successful week G-d willing.

Be informed, be a smart Jew in under 5 minutes.  Here’s the news being talked about by smart Jews today…  (our skim is ethnically focused, but we’re thrilled for every reader)

yiddish_worldToday’s Skim of the News for Smart Jews

- Anti-Semitic “Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) upset Wonder Woman role in new movie given to Israeli actress Gal Gadot.  “Gadot is Israeli, and served in the Israeli Defense Forces per Israel’s mandatory service. But Gadot supports her nation's right not only to exist, but to not be murdered by terrorists.  SJW children can’t comprehend that. They're too busy telling us to accept other cultures -- unless that culture doesn't want to be exterminated by Palestinians.”  Everyone is equal and deserving of respect, except for Israelis and Jews?

- UN accuses Israel of oppressing Druze living in the Golan, Golan Druze respond “what the heck are you talking about?”  Leader of the Druze of the Golan Heights disputed the assertion of a United Nations committee that accused Israel of imposing economic and social hardships on his community.  “The UN Economic and Social Council’s recent statement on the area was a total joke. I don’t understand what they’re talking about, it’s laughable.  Why don’t they condemn the horrors in Syria, where dozens of children are killed daily? Golan Druze residents have a good life (in Israel).”

- In Venezuela, now under national starvation, the President orders citizens to leave jobs (by force) and go work on national farms.  Venezuela is deep into a humanitarian crisis -- people are dying in ill-equipped hospitals and many live without basic food items. Venezuela can't pay to import goods and humanitarian organizations have been blocked from assisting because the president doesn't trust them.  How does a country go from being a top world producer of oil to starving in 10 years?

- U.S. president of Black Lawyers for Justice has called for genocide against the Jews of Israel: “Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies? Blow up Zionist supermarkets.” He blamed Jews for blowing up the World Trade Center, he accused the Jews of “[k]illing Christ”,  he has said that “Jews” set up the death of Martin Luther King Jr.  This inciter of genocide is a member of the bar of the District of Columbia, despite having been disciplined for acts of unprofessional conduct.  It’s ok because he’s black?

-Report on philanthropy in the U.S. shows the biggest charity giving cities are the ones with the highest church & synagogue attendance.  A research group that focuses “on the intersection of faith and culture,” found the most generous cities by looking at the percentage of adults who make charitable donations on a regular basis.  74% of those who donate regularly give through local churches / synagogues / religious institutions. Go to synagogue…and help people!

- Europe is experiencing an Islamic terrorist incident every 84 hours, and finding that “lone wolves” are not aloneFollow up investigations have shown that almost every mass murder attack in Europe declared to be a “lone wolf” attack is not – and by rushing to declare such incidents lone wolf attacks the supporting terrorist cells and contacts are being missed. 

- In a terrorism or shooter situation in the U.S., “Run, Hide, Fight” is taught to everyone and mandated by the Dept of Homeland Security, FBI and law enforcement.  Yet a 2013 FBI report found of 160 shooter incidents in 2010-2013, 21 ended after citizens made “selfless choices” to confront the attackers. In these cases, the citizens “safely and successfully disrupted the shootings” and “saved lives”.  Of the 160 incidents, 60% ended before police arrived.  Al-Qaeda’s recent Inspire magazine told its supporters to wage a “knife jihad” and stab civilians like they’re all “Israeli Jews”, and there have been such attacks in France and Germany.  It’s time we stop training to be lambs for the slaughter and have a national conversation about standing up to terrorists.

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today…


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