Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Skim of the News for Smart Jews–July 27, Tammuz 21

Be informed, be a smart Jew in under 5 minutes.  Here’s the news being talked about by smart Jews today…

yiddish_worldToday’s Skim of the News for Smart Jews

- Even more mass murders.       France, horrific church attack.  Two attackers entered a French church during morning services and recorded themselves slitting the throat of the priest and stabbing a nun at the alter.  One of the attackers had been arrested multiple times for attempting to go to Syria and join ISIS and was under home arrest monitoring.  Germany, medical clinic attack.  Early reports are sparse, but mention a murdered doctor and a dead attacker and an immediate statement from the police that "We do not have a single indication that this crime was motivated by extremism or Islamists."  Past statements are usually followed up about a week later with “we found ISIS literature on his phone”.

- Hamas terror cell that killed rabbi in Israel in early July caught.     One of the four man terror cell was killed when he attempted to shoot the arresting forces. Violent riots broke out between the soldiers and Palestinians trying to prevent the arrests of the suspects in the village.  “It’s a human rights violation arresting our murderers!”

- Iron Dome, the toy.      Toy model military vehicle hobbyists are getting a new model for their collections – the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. Israeli military toy designer creates an Iron Dome model toy, joining other mini versions of tanks and military vehicles on toy store shelves.

- South African Jewish community under threat and on alert.         “There has been rumors that ISIS operatives were training in Cape Town. The South African police have arrested four terror suspects on charges of (planning) Terrorism. Included in the alleged targets were Jewish installations.”

- Israeli teen almost dies by drowning playing Pokémon Go.        An Israeli teen, 17, drowns (walking off a sea wall?) in the seaside southern city of Ashdod, Israel while distracted and trying to catch them all with Pokémon Go (a hyper-popular augmented reality game that places virtual creatures in real world maps and pictures.)  Teens and young adults are enamored with the phone game app that brings a very popular childhood game into a real world adult-ish model.  As for our teen, thank G-d his brother saved him, he’s now in the hospital for neurological evaluation. In related news, the IDF (Israeli Army) has banned the use of the Pokémon Go app from all Israeli army bases, given the the app’s feature to use the camera to superimpose the virtual creatures.  Such images could be transmitted or captured, becoming a security risk.

- U.S. Democratic Party convention features many Palestinian flags, no U.S. flags, and burning of Israeli flags.     A Palestinian flag was flown on the floor of the Democratic convention without complaint, and I Support Palestine banners held up, but no American flags were seen at the U.S. Democratic Party presidential convention.  Outside the convention, party supporters demonstrated by burning Israeli and U.S. flags while chanting “intifada”Unlike the politicians, I am speechless.

- Picture of the Day… the fruits of the land, a pomegranate tree in central Israel. Pomegranates are one of the Seven Species of fruits and grains enumerated in the Torah (Deuteronomy 8:8) as being special products of the Land of Israel.


…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today.

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  1. The more I read the news, the more Jewish I feel!
    Your Blog is making many new friends.


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