Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Skim the News for Jews–July 20, Tammuz 14

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Be informed, be a smart Jew in 5 minutes.  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews

- Authorities in southern France have detained a man who stabbed a woman and her three daughters at an Alps resort.  The man was reportedly upset with the mother and her girls, aged 8, 12 and 14, because they were wearing shorts and T-shirts.  No word on the man’s origin or religion.  Any bets?

- Israel hi-tech scrambling for workers.  “As the number of high-tech companies grows and multinationals enter the fray, the race is on for good workers.  The number of high tech companies has almost doubled in a decade, and tech giants from Google to Apple are snapping workers up for their research and development centers in Israel.  ‘Companies are fighting over each developer’.  If you have hi-tech skills, there’s a job waiting for you in Israel!

- Low-tech Israel is among the worst of all modern Western countries.  A report on skills from the Bank of Israel highlighted some of the ways in which Israel might be characterized as having two economies, one a high-skilled, high-tech powerhouse and the other a low-skill, insulated laggard.  Israel's non-tech labor productivity is 14% lower than the average in advanced economies.   That lack of productivity is concentrated in a handful of sectors, most prominently the food and accommodation services, construction industry, and trade industries.  And government offices!

- Iran proudly expands nuclear program.  “Iranian Foreign Minister boasts of ability to renew full-scale nuclear program in coming years.  Calling it a “matter of pride”, Zarif said Iran would restore its full nuclear program in a decade, when limitations imposed as part of the nuclear agreement expire.”  “The US cannot do a dammed thing against us.”  Yeah, I trust these guys to follow an agreement.

- Efforts to blame Israel for U.S. shootings of black men.  A group calling itself Atlanta is Ready issued a set of demands to the Mayor of Atlanta, including: “We demand a termination to APD’s involvement in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) program, that trains our officers in Apartheid Israel”.  The Mayor rejected the demand, finding that counter-terrorism training benefits the Atlanta Police Department’s ability to protect Americans.  There has been a multi-year effort by left-wing and Islamist anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and openly anti-Semitic activists to hijack racial tensions in the United States and redirect that anger towards Israel.

- Leading rabbi of the Shuvu Banim movement extradited back to IsraelThe elderly rabbi has been accused of some improprieties of a criminal nature, of which he and his followers declare his complete innocence.  The rabbi and his followers are among the narrow sects of very religious Jews distrustful of the secular government, and the rabbi has been on the run from country to country to avoid being returned to Israel.  However his attorney says “the rabbi’s departure from Israel three years ago was unrelated to the investigation into his actions and that he was actually unaware of its existence when he left. He intends to cooperate with the authorities and that he hoped the investigation would be finished swiftly and efficiently.  Contrary to reports, the rabbi is suspected of acts of relatively low severity according to the law: Conspiracy to attack—and the attackers themselves were sentenced to community service—and indecent acts that are the lower limit of the relevant offenses. We have no doubt that at the investigation's conclusion, these suspicions will be refuted.”   One former Israeli state prosecutor wrote, “As a retired state prosecutor I express amazement at Israel hounding this old man all over the world on relatively minor charges. Major matters here drag on for years because of lack of police man power, but for this, they have both all the time and the money.”  Even if the rabbi is not happy to be brought back to Israel, his followers are dancing in the streets.

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today.


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