Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Skim the News for Jews–July 14, Tammuz 8

Be informed, be a smart Jew in 5 minutes or less.  Here’s the news being talked about by Jews today…

Today’s Skim of the News for Jews

- The Students for 'Justice' in 'Palestine,' an extremist anti-Israel group at NYU, is doubling down on its accusation that Israel is behind the training of police officers that 'causes' them to shoot black 'activists.'  “The IDF assists (via training) the NYPD and other American police departments in their oppression and murder of black people. These groups (the IDF and the U.S. police) share a common logic that manifests in several types of oppression, white supremacist racism among them.”  “The accusation that Israel’s counter-terrorism training of American officers contributes to police brutality is not new to Palestinian sympathizers.”  It’s the Jooooooooos!

- Not Kosher = Not Real! “Most everything we eat is fraudulent.”  Kobe beef? Nope. Extra-virgin Olive Oil, diluted. White tuna? Replaced with “ex-lax fish”!  Surprise, the FDA is barely checking ANY food claims, and many “high-end” foods, even most, are being faked to the mass market.  While kosher supervision only guarantees the product is kosher to Jewish religious standards, those standards include not eating animals that are diseased (each animal is checked after slaughter), and for manufactured products checking of every individual ingredient.  Any substitutions, dilutions or misrepresentations mean it’s not kosher.  (If a product sells itself as “honey-like” and includes honey and sugar-water, and both sources are certified, then that product is kosher.  But if it’s honey and they try to mix in sugar-water, that’s a kosher violation and the company will lose it’s certification.)

- The Zika virus is now being found in Florida and New York, with hundreds of cases.    ~5% of pregnant women who catch the virus will have a deformed child, which makes it terrifying.  U.S. cases are from people who had visited South America or Puerto Rico or who have had intimate relations with people who have the virus.  First they said the virus spreads only by mosquito, now they have added it also can spread via intimate relations.  “No local mosquito-borne Zika virus disease cases have been reported in US states, but lab tests have confirmed Zika virus in travelers returning to the United States. These travelers have gotten the virus from mosquito bites and some non-travelers got Zika through (intimate relations) with a traveler.”  Israel has had 9 cases, but all from people visiting problematic areas.  Israel does have a mosquito that can transmit Zika, and has instituted some mosquito spraying and elimination programs even though the virus is not spreading there (to prevent it from happening).

World Map of Zika Areas for Pregnant Women to Avoid – U.S. CDC



- In an update from yesterday, China is trying to take control of the South China Sea and has “Threatened to Impose an Air Defense Zone over the sea.  The vice foreign minister, said: "If our security is being threatened, of course we have the right to demarcate a [air defence identification] zone.”  China would require all aircraft entering the designated airspace to identify themselves (and threaten any aircraft that didn’t). China declared a zone over disputed islands in the East China Sea in 2013, escalating tensions with the United States and Japan.

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today


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