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Skim the News for Jews - July 12 – 6 Tammuz

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What news will Jews be talking about today?  Let’s find out!

Let’s Skim the News for Jews - July 12 – 6 Tammuz

- Hasidic school in London reprimanded by Office for Standards in Education for not teaching its students about sexual orientation… The school’s ethos is based on ‘adherence to the code of Jewish law.’ This means that pupils are shielded from learning about sexual orientation.  The explicit teaching of all protected characteristics, specifically those related to gender or sexuality, is avoided.”  Apparently in England you may no longer decide how to teach your children, that’s government business.  Though I wonder if they actually try to enforce this on the Islamic schools.

- Following the Bexit vote to leave the EU, Great Britain has a new Prime Minister after playing cabinet shuffle.  The former PM quite following the Bexit vote, and the new PM is Theresa May.  She’s said to be a “warm supporter of Israel”, which would be a nice change for Great Britain where even “supportive” Prime Ministers tend to be cold to Israel.

- First ever Plishtim (Philistine) cemetery found in Southern Israel, in what was a pre-biblical-Israel city of the Plishtim.  Archeologists hope to learn much about the day to day life and death practices of the Israelites ancient southern enemy.  Of particular interest is the note that the historical Philistines have NO relationship to the modern day “Palestinians”.

image- Unrest still growing in the U.S.  Another 3 policemen shot yesterday, 2 which were killed in a shooting outside a court in Michigan.  “Officials concerned about ‘virtual’ war on cops”, for good reason!  Violent crime in many major U.S. cities has spiraled out of control as city officials reined in police officers due to protest complaints, and now as police take additional measures for their own safety such as stopping community patrols and only going out in groups. “so far this year police officers in Chicago were making drastically fewer investigative stops and confiscating fewer guns as murders and shootings have increased” and “Baltimore descends into chaos as city fails to back police.”

- Israel passes controversial NGO disclosure law.  Many of those organizations saying bad things about Israel are funded by foreigners antithetical to Israel.  “any NGO receiving over 50 percent of its funding from a foreign government must include details of its funding in all official and promotional documents, including online. Members of such groups must also wear tags identifying themselves when inside the Knesset.”  This is a no-brainer, and such in the U.S. must register as “foreign lobbying agents”.  But it’s highly controversial in Israel because many of the “leading” left wing / “human rights” organizations operating in Israel are directly affected.  Organizations that criticize Israel in Israel get millions in foreign funding, and now they will have to make that clear.

…and that’s the news of interest to Jews today.

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  1. Think that the Jewish schools in England get subsidized by the government. That is always a bad deal. They think they then have the right to interfere with the curriculum. This is very dangerous for our people because of the immorality being taught today in schools.

    Regarding the NGO's, they should have absolutely no rights to bring their evil agendas into the Land, but the bottom line is always 'money'. The interference of foreign influence now in the State is an abomination.


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