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Skim the News for Jews - July 10 – 4 Tammuz

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I do a lot of news skimming and find myself the source for many friends.  Let’s see if it make sense to share it…


Let’s Skim the News for Jews – July 10 – 4 Tammuz – from Israel

- Civil unrest grows in the U.S.  First two videos came out of black men being shot by police, though as has been the case in many of these videos a few days later the details are debunked – people only see the initial video and buy the story.  The next day Black Lives Matter snipers ambushed police in Dallas who were managing a lawful protest, killing 5 office, wounding 7 others policemen and 2 civilians.  In the two days since, there have been at least 3 additional ambush attacks on police in cities around the U.S.  The U.S. administration seems to only be making this worse, first with the Attorney General telling protesters not to stop after their protest was turned into a massacre of police, “Do not be discouraged by those who use your lawful actions as cover for their heinous violence.”  Followed by President Obama giving both sides equal weight.

- My father, may he live and be well, lives in the US and shared this: “Such events are particularly bad since copy cats may now do some of the same.  I stopped in a sports store, and it happens that the store also sells guns. There was a crowd inside. There was an actual "take a number machine" by the gun department. Everyone was buying guns, and they are expensive. All of their counter space was filled with people filling out the paperwork to buy a gun. With all of their guns on display and the buyers there was an atmosphere of "yeaah let's buy a gun".  Adding to the atmosphere was OMG so much ammo, thousands of boxes, stacked on open tables.”

- Last week as rough in Israel, as a 13 year old was brutally murdered in her bedroom and a rabbi was shot to death driving with his whole family in the car.  These are clearly cases of Suicide by Cop, or it’s Israeli incarnation, Suicide by IDF for Honor and Profit.   Israeli police are on edge when attacks ramp up, and shot a mentally disturbed man who walked towards them with a knife.

- In economic news, Israel is in talks to export gas to Turkey and to Egypt.  Energy findings in the Holy Land continue to increase, both offshore and onshore as new technology makes previously hidden resources discoverable.  If the government ever gets out of the way, this could boost Israel’s economy by over 10% – but it will unfortunately take 5-10 years for the government to get out of the way and for the resources to be developed.  Israel is also continuing it’s hi-tech boom, now with a focused “accelerator boom”.  If you’re a Jew with hi-tech skills, polish up your resume and LinkedIn profile and check out available jobs in the Holy Land.  Israel is second only to the United States in average high tech salaries, and Israeli web developers earn more than their US colleagues.

- This past Shabbos was the hilula (the day of elevation/passing) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  Has Chabad really grown 5 times larger in the 22 years since the Rebbe’s Hilula?  It seems it has.


  1. And today, you missed Start-Up Nation faces major poverty and hunger issues.
    "The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently reported that Israel has the second-highest poverty rate among its 34 member countries, with 21 percent of Israelis living below the poverty line. The sad reality is that relative to other western, capitalist societies, Israel is far from unique. The United States trails closely behind, with 17% of Americans living below the poverty line.”

    From where do you get your news?

  2. @Neshama - Like the figure of 95M people who are no longer in the US Labor Force, I'm sure the number of those living below the poverty line in the US (and I'm one of them!) is much greater than 17%, because they only count the numbers that are being reported. Some of us don't take government handouts, even if we're entitled to them, so we go unrecorded.

  3. BTW, here's a link to the OECD's poverty chart:


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